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Well im sorta bored right now and i really wanna roleplay right now. I love to do romance roleplays (:


real pics. don't care what they are as long as they're real.
four or more sentences!
no GM
have fun :)
NO CYBER! [ts or pm if even needed]

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Jake looked at her and closed her locker and then he just sighed closing hid locker. He walked to his class and "accidently" ran into a girl making her fall and drop eveything she was carrying.

[the girl was you're gil]
  Jake Moorne / premiepower94 / 10y 44d 2h 49m 43s
As Brook found her locker she opened it up the got out her math book and journals. She had math first period. As she got her stuff she glanced at the guy that she saw hanging out with his friend. She sighed a bit the closed her locker then started to walk towards the class room.
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / Tfreak1029 / 10y 44d 3h 26m 18s
He saw her then he sighed, "Hey catch you guys later" he said and looked at the girl as she went inside. He followed he but stayed fa behind like he was just walking in the halls. He walked to his locke which was actually by hers a few lockers down. He acted like he was doing something by his locker but he was actually looking at her.
  Jake Moorne / premiepower94 / 10y 44d 3h 41m 4s
As Brook looked around she saw the guy glance at her. She then quickly looked down at her feet now not making eye contact. She hated for the popular guys to come and make fun of her all the time. She sighed as she then heard the bell ring. She then grabbed her stuff then walked inside the school now looking around for her locker.
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / Tfreak1029 / 10y 44d 4h 21m 55s
Jake wqas near her, he was with his group they were all joking around. Then jake just looked around in general, he wasn't really looking or anyone. Then he saw a girl sitting on a bench. He staired at her for a minute then he just turned back to his friends laughing at what a guy said. His hands were in his pockets and he flicked his hair to the side then looked at them again. He wondered who this girl was. But he figured she was new so he didn't want to make a sene so he just stayed with his group.
  Jake Moorne / premiepower94 / 10y 44d 7h 2m 57s
** Yeah sure (: **

Brookelle sighed as she got out of bed this morning. She hated to be the new girl every year for every new school she has been to. She now knows all the language and knows how to say every word correctly. She then got into the shower then got ready for school. She then got dressed then walked downstairs to hear her grandma talking on the phone. She sighed then walked out of the house then skateboarded to school. As she got there she noticed lots of people looking at her. She blushed a bit then sat down on an empty bench now bored.
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / tfreak1029 / 10y 44d 8h 5m 15s
Um, can you? Also can you end you're intro when she enteres school grounds? OR sommething cuz I'm ganna have my guy have like a group that always follows him around and all.
  Jake Moorne / premiepower94 / 10y 44d 16h 24m 29s
** yeah sure! Do you want to start or do u want me to? **
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / Tfreak1029 / 10y 45d 3h 3m 33s
ooc-Okay sounds fun sorry can we just start? I haven't been able to look for pics and all. I will now.
  James Write / premiepower94 / 10y 45d 6h 49m 18s
** sure that's a great idea!! Your guy can be the popular guy every girl wants and my girl is the shy new girl (: **
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / Tfreak1029 / 10y 45d 15h 15m 7s
ooc-Okay I got one, how about you cam maybe the new girl and I'm like the big popular guy? Either way I still wanna be like the popular guy. You're girl can be whatever but it was just an idea.
  James Write / premiepower94 / 10y 45d 16h 15m 37s
** hey sorry I had to go for a but but now I'm back on (: and i'm fine with doing whatever kind of roleplay. I'm great at doing highschool love rps and vampire and human love story. **
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / Tfreak1029 / 10y 46d 1h 59m 29s
oo-Okkay let me make my character, um what do you want to do for the rp?
  James Write / premiepower94 / 10y 46d 3h 12m 30s
** Yeah sure u can! thanks for joining :) **
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / tfreak1029 / 10y 46d 3h 36m 36s
ooc-Hey, I'm bored also, and I'll get a new charrie to do but um, can I join this rp? I will make a new charrie for this rp.
  James Write / premiepower94 / 10y 46d 4h 4m 19s

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