lord of the ring: the dragon god

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it has been quite a long time since sauron tower and minions were defeated now the dwarves ,elfs,humans and hobbits live in peace but a dark cloud has appeared on the horizen .the dragons the ancient race of serpents worse than the nazghoul have returned led by the dark dragon bloodwing darkclaw seek revenge on there races being branded from the lands but it is not hopeless as aragorn,Legolas,Gimli and the others have returned but they will need the help of three ancient warriors to stop the dragod since they were the one who put him down before...or all is loss

characters needed
ancient warrior 1-taken
ancient warrior 2-open
ancient warrior 3-open

any other character you might want in or to be even a new race to combat the dragons is allowed

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ok now i wait
  ancient warrior / zerato / 9y 257d 17h 6m 1s

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