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this is a pokemon battle royal rp you can talk to others until they or you are called up for your match you can have up to a total of three losses any more and you are out but you can stay and cheer for favorites

rules of the battle royal:

1# prelimary matches consist of 3 battles must win 2-3 to advance

2# for first fight you can use only three pokemon second one you can use all 6

3# you lose if your pokemon is beaten three times or said pokemon cant fight anymore

4#any pokemon except legendarys are allowed from any region

pokemon :
short bio:

accepted trainers

white and team

pokemon :Jolten,Gardevoir,Froslass,Lileep,Lapras,Luxray
short bio:She is also into doing contest, loves to battle. She is very good at it also.

Name: Alauna Sheperd
Age: 14
Pokemon: , Pikachu, Happiny.
Short bio: Myra has had all three of her poekmon since she was ten, and decided not to get more because the three that she had were strong enough to win.

Mijumaru,Tsutaja,Zorua,Lucario,Glalie and Raichu
Raika wants to join the elite four one day. He plans to start winning tournaments to prove his strength.

pokemon:Choroneko,Crobat,Roserade,Drapion,Seviper,and Nidoking
short bio:Trainer roaming the regions challenging anyone he can to be the best he can. His mains are Choroneko and Nidoking

Name: Celia Kaye Grayson "Gray"
Age: 15
Pokemon: Alakazam, Umbreon, Absol, Ninetails, Steelix, and Charizard.
Bio: Celia, or "Gray" has been training since she was a small child. Eevee was her first Pokemon, but the rest soon followed. Really devoted and smart in battle, she cares about everyone and all Pokemon

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Roleplay Responses

  Raika / Allison / 9y 242d 17h 32m 51s
Still jotting down random stuff, Celia began petting her Umbreon.
  "Gray" Celia Kaye Gray / Whisper-Rose / 9y 242d 17h 53m 51s
Nice job Nidoking! Alex cheered.

[Gotta go, see you later]
  iAm~A~Star / TheBigKing2000 / 9y 242d 17h 54m 41s
"Mijumaru falls down and is unable to attack.
  Raika / Allison / 9y 242d 18h 1m 7s
Alright, Earthquake, before you get hit! On cue, Nidoking stomps the ground as hard as he could, greating cracks and messing around with the arena around the pokemon.
  iAm~A~Star / TheBigKing2000 / 9y 242d 18h 6m 21s
"Watergun close range!" ordered Raika to Mijumaru.
  Raika / Allison / 9y 242d 18h 9m 6s
Thunderpunch makes contact with the shell, causing Nidoking to back up after the electricity stopped flowing.
  iAm~A~Star / TheBigKing2000 / 9y 242d 18h 18m 9s
"Have it punch your shell!" Raika ordered thinking that the hit would not hurt Mijumaru.
  Raika / Allison / 9y 242d 18h 26m 21s
Noticing the shell blade, Alex commands, Quick, switch to Thunderpunch! Nidoking's horn stopped glowing and his arm was coated in a steady stream of electricity, still charging Mijumaru.
  iAm~A~Star / TheBigKing2000 / 9y 242d 18h 30m 40s
Mijumaru fell to the ground. "Quick use shell blade!" Raika said. Mijumaru used its shell to form a sword and charged at Nindoking.
  Raika / Allison / 9y 242d 18h 34m 3s
Go... Alex commands and Nidoking uses Thunderpunch to disperse the watergun. Charge, now. Alex says. Nidoking's horn glows and he charges mijumaru, using Megahorn.
  iAm~A~Star / TheBigKing2000 / 9y 242d 18h 38m 41s
"Watergun now!" Raika ordered. Mijumaru shot a jet stream of water at the pokemon.
  Raika / Allison / 9y 242d 18h 40m 55s
Nidoking. Alex says as he throws out a pokeball, releasing the pokemon. The Nidoking let out a mighty roar as it prepared for battle.
  iAm~A~Star / TheBigKing2000 / 9y 242d 19h 23m 57s
"Alright Mijumaru lets go!" Raika smiled as his water pokemon jumped up and down.
  Raika / Allison / 9y 242d 20h 21m 52s
Laughing to herself, Celia tried to remeber a time when she was as optimistic as Raika. It was a vain attempt, she never had. The battle kept getting more and more interesting, so her notebook got more and more full.
  "Gray" Celia Kaye Gray / Whisper-Rose / 9y 242d 21h 5m 52s

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