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Her last message was "I'll go, Goodbye Aaron" I told her "I will talk to you when I am calm" I have a plan about this, if she ever loved me, she will show it when i send this next message later on today, I can be very mean and I want her to know what she did to me and as my friend Skyler said, "Sorry does not count for anything, she could just be saying that to get you to shut up" I understand this much, She did not even give me a goodbye kiss or something to that nature, she hugged me after we talked but thats it, I am going to get something out of her before I am done with this
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 116d 6h 8m 14s
Good she should if she leads you on like that it is bull.
  Akemi (Elven Form) / WorldsEnd / 9y 116d 6h 11m 55s
Well she said she only had puppy love so I keep asking her why she played me and she keeps saying sorry and I keep telling her I hurt and that she played me and she is hating it
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 116d 6h 14m 57s
LOL xD Get her away from her BF it is not that hard to do keep up the way you are and I am SURE you could easily do it.

After All I AM the one who trained you^^
  Akemi (Elven Form) / WorldsEnd / 9y 116d 6h 21m 3s
Katie is upset because she already has a BF and I want her back, I asked her out yesterday to see her reaction and it was really cute
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 116d 6h 22m 28s
I bet I would still leave her and go with Katie but that is just me :P
  Akemi (Elven Form) / WorldsEnd / 9y 116d 6h 23m 25s
Bro, she wants to poof so bad, I am keeping her around but I feel better now that she knows how i fucking feel
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 116d 6h 24m 37s
LOL Keep up the good work buddy make her regret it^^ Regret is a great thing^^
  Akemi (Elven Form) / WorldsEnd / 9y 116d 6h 26m 9s
Dude I am being such a bitch to Sollys right now, All yesterday and today I have been giving her HELL about it, I swear she has said sorry like 100 times by now
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 116d 6h 29m 9s
  Akemi (Elven Form) / WorldsEnd / 9y 116d 6h 32m 42s
Hello Alex
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 116d 6h 32m 54s
Hello you two^^
  Akemi (Elven Form) / WorldsEnd / 9y 116d 21h 26m 5s
I fold.....
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 117d 18h 13m 19s
My Draw

I tap my Chalice which has eight colorless mana as production and I tap one island to play Sea Gate Loremaster. I tap him to draw X cards where X is the number of Ally's I have on the field which is two right now.

I tap one colorless and one island to play Volrath's Curse on your Spikeshot Goblin it can now not Attack, Block, or use its ability^^

You can sacrifice a Permanent to make this not go into effect till the end of the turn.

I then tap to attack you with
Merfolk SkyScout, Enclave Elite, Viscerid Deepwalker.

I activate Merfolk Skyscouts effect and Untap Sea Gate Loremaster, I tap him again to draw two more cards.

  Akemi (Elven Form) / WorldsEnd / 9y 117d 18h 34m 11s
I swear to god, i am not staging....

I show you dragon whelp, it goes to the graveyard, i draw and play a mountain and it will be your turn....
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 117d 18h 42m 35s

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