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[Revised background-Original by Fash.]

During the times of chivalry and magic. A great magi, obsessed with the dead, made a branch of magic that could bring back and control the dead. He then became the first Necromancer of the world. Because of this, he was publicly respected, but in truth, he was hated. The Churches despised him. Under his teachings Necromancy grew, still nobody dared to stop it. Those who learn necromancy would find their body in decay. One who knows slight necromancy, would find there arm filled with rotten flesh. Ones who master it, would practically be the living dead, having eternal life. Not long after, Necromancers started to use the art for despicable deeds. Because of human nature, the use of evil overwhelmed the good. Because of this, Necromancy was looked down upon by most, soon hated and despised.

Eventually, a group was formed, it's purpose; was to kill the necromancer who started the art, and one day, it came to be. The necromancer who started the art was heavily wounded, due to an assassination attempt. In his dieing breath, he cast a spell, that even he despised. He did it out of anger. Releasing a new type of disease. This, turned people into the living dead, mindless zombies living on instinct. The spread didn't last long, but half, if not the majority were infected. Since then, infections only spread through blood.

Because of this, people started to practice ways to counter act the infection, trying to cure it. Through this, a new branch of magic was made. The people who practice it were simply called "Clerics". Because of it's difficult path, they are uncommon, and can only cure those who are not deep in the infection.

Many years has past, and people have adapted to the fact of zombies. Treating them as common threats, rather than an altering abomination. Most of not all necromancers were hunted down, causing them to live away from cities. The cities, being the only controlled and safe places there is. The forests, roads and planes were difficult to cross, but not impossible. New organizations were made, mercenaries, specialized military branches and even transportation services.

The Sanctus Ferrum was the army that was designated to eradicate all the zombies and even necromancers. It trained many soldiers, even clerics. Even the Sanctus Ferrum had divisions, some put on the most elite groups, others put as just regular infantry.

This is where the story begins, when humans have already reached the peak of their adaptations.


Specialization[Swordsmanship, magic, archery etc...]:


Name:Kaji Darkrai
Weaponry:Long sword[Shares similarity with a Katana]
Specialization: Swordsmanship, with slight magic knowledge.
Faction:Sanctus Ferrum

Name: Marina SanChez
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Female
Weaponry: Sword
Specialization: Swordsmanship
Race: Human
Faction: Mercenary

Name: Kynn Agostino
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Weaponry: A specially crafted sword, Fits him like a glove, with Runes engraved into it.
Specialization: Spellsword
Race: Human
Bio: Orphaned into a big family, His parents killed by the living dead, He grew up to be silent, yet good mannered, Trained as a spellsword by Experts since his family were rich as they were big, He left to adventure in the world, As he felt the silent life of towns is Too quiet for him, He craved excitement, And with that Knowledge

Name: Rhan Jun Shanghai
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Weaponry: Knife, Several Other Tools
Specialization: Sorcery, Martial Arts, Knife Proficiency
Race: Human
Bio: A somewhat young and skilled practitioner & expert of the arts of sorcery, mostly of the forsaken kind such as infernal or rather 'devil magic'. Formerly affiliated with one of the branches of magic. He currently lives in a rather remote place of the region. His patron devil & god, Lilith and Angra Mainyu, both having been titled "Source All of Mankind's Evil", "All the Evil In the World", and etc. Unlike most magi, he is also skilled in the ways of close quarters combat and knows a great deal of things such as chi and how to manipulate and handle it. He seems to have come from eastern lands according to his ways of dress, and is easily distinguished out of a crowd due to it, his height, and abnormally long red hair.
Faction: Non-Affiliated

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  Kynn / Fash / 9y 242d 55m 12s

  Marina SanChez / FlyingDonut / 9y 242d 56m 52s
  Kynn / Fash / 9y 242d 10h 18m 9s
Kynn Shrugged with disappointment, he jumped forward to get out of Distance from the fight, "Very Well then, Probably 'You' Arent even a good enough teacher For me.."

He Ignored the Other male, and looked at the girl, shaking his head slightly, a response to her comments on the other male, He held his blade tightly and started drawing Glyphs around him in the ground, Them slightly glowing as if were generating energy, a Slightly transparent shield formed after a few seconds of the fourth Glyph, He sat in the middle and smiled

  Kynn / Fash / 9y 248d 16h 22m 0s
Marina rolled her eyes and further relaxed on the roof, staring absently as the chaos unfolded. She didn't feel she'd be of much use in this one, seeing as kaji seemed so sure that THIS was a good time to show off by pulling his stronger attacks first. The recoil had obviously shot his arm back, a sign that he'd strained to keep it from spraining.

Then again, she'd do quite a bit to this stranger if he gave any injury that would be permanent to her brother, as she was merely studying him, and of course, being the lazy loner she usually was. She couldn't see herself him in such a petty fight. Statistics aside, this traveling mage was obviously going to dominate her brother, and she still had a very nice earful to give him, alive.

she called down childishly, sitting up on the roof.
  Marina SanChez / FlyingDonut / 9y 251d 3h 25m 25s
Kaji clenched his teeth. It looked like the man was going to cause trouble no matter where he is. Asking to change location wouldn't work, and if Kaji left him alone, he'd cause more trouble. "Looks like I have no choice... I'll have to defeat you here." He said sternly. His left hand rose up, and only his index and middle fingers were raised. He started to write a sort of symbol in front of him with his two fingers. After one last slashing motion with his finger, a white circular symbol started to glow, revolving slowly. "Lux Flatus!" He yelled, as he swiped his two fingers diagonally, across the white symbol, somewhat catching it. His finger was now pointing in the middle of the circle, or more like, the circle would follow where every his fingers were. His other hand still held on to his sword. The sword was lowered to a point, that the tip was just a few inches from the ground.

"When you ask for a fight, don't look away from your opponent!!" He yelled out, pointing the fingers at the man. Suddenly, a beam of light blasted out of the circle, and the recoil blew Kaji's hand slightly above his head. Slight wind pressure could also be felt, blowing Kaji's hair and scarf back. Still, his feet was steadily planted, and his grip on his blade, un-weakening. The circle disappeared as soon as the blast flew out. The beam was heading towards the man at immense speeds.
  Kaji / StrifeX / 9y 251d 19h 27m 32s
The male gave the other one a very blank stare. His facial expression didn't really change all too much. "You're not going to fight me here? And why is that little boy? Even if you tell me or not, that isn't going to change where we fight.." He stepped back again getting ready to do another long ranged strike, until a somewhat odd, blonde man clad in armor stepped between him. He easily dismissed and ignored the presence of the girl that was with the man earlier.

He stared at him, slightly interested, yet slightly confused. Especially when the man asked if he was willing to take a student. Not many would ask to become a student of what many call 'Devil magic' and etc. But shortly he responded to the armored man, "I don't think I really want to take on an apprentice, at least any time soon, and even if I did, what makes you think I'll take you as my sole apprentice?" He said this in a somewhat harsh way. "Now step aside, before I scorch you and turn you to ash." He threatened, and was very serious about it as well. HE was pretty hostile to most of the people.

He quickly took an odd stance once again, as if getting ready to strike or getting ready for a counter attack if someone were to attempt to strike at him.
  Rhan Jun Shanghai / Etherlite / 9y 252d 3h 32m 5s
(( Ether's on .. why isnt she posting D=..

  Kynn / Fash / 9y 253d 6h 10m 32s
  Kaji / StrifeX / 9y 253d 6h 26m 33s

  Marina SanChez / FlyingDonut / 9y 253d 6h 30m 37s
Kynn Blinked as He saw the Red head casting a spell, his eyes slightly widened, as did a grin on his face, He thought to himself 'Someone Who have that kind of powers maybe can teach me.. ' He wanted to be more powerful, and therefore have more excitement in his life..

He stepped Slowly between the Two,interrupting the battle, unsheathing his sword which was glowing like moonlight, He smiled as he was facing the Red head "You have nice power.. Could you a willing student?"

He felt that he was going down an evil path for power, But most of him didnt care, He just wanted to live his life, Full of excitement, And Hopefully become one of the History's Elite.
  Kynn / Fash / 9y 253d 6h 33m 9s
[So wait... Didn't I already deflect the bolt? >->]
  Kaji / StrifeX / 9y 253d 6h 36m 18s
Marina studied the man's fingers. "Sparks?!! What the hell?!!" she thought with widening eyes, tugging out her sword and placing it in front of the spray of flames and sparks. The sword wasn't for deflection; it was to channel the electricity. She second the sword was hit, she slammed it into the dirt.

After cautiously picking it up again, she dropped it as her fingers got burned. she spat, placing her burnt fingers into her mouth as she picked it up by the hilt with her index and middle finger, and slowly slid it back into the scabbard. She made a move like she was actually going to obey her brother. Marina? Obey Kaji?!! Holy hell, this red-head be friggin' ninja!!

Instead, her pride got the better of her, and she would up watching on the roof of the building above them, in case her brother needed any quick backup. She knew Kaji wouldn't want to get dominated by this guy in public, hence the wish for a new location. Then again, it also wasn't good to have so much danger taking place around the citizens in town...
she called to her brother, laying comfortably out on the roof like she was relaxing on her bed.
  Marina SanChez / FlyingDonut / 9y 253d 6h 39m 16s
Kaji had a slightly irritated look, when he called him a child. He thought of himself as nowhere near a child. He just watched him jump down the stairs, and walked slightly towards the edge of where the stair case started. "I'll teach you, to watch who your calling a child. Marina... Stand back, no... Leave now." He said softly, purposely saying it out of anyone's ear shot range, though the last line was sternly addressed to his sister. He looked down the staircase and observed the man, observing his hand gestures. -Is... He casting a spell? ... Shoot.- He thought to himself, realizing the odd patterns in his hand movements.

Kaji quickly held the hilt of his sword, also gripping the scabbard. His stance looked like he was ready to draw his sword; his knees were bent and his arms stern. -If this is going to be a spell, it's most likely an offensive one... I have to stay on guard. If this will turn into a fight, it can't be here...- He thought to himself, suddenly realizing the bolt of fire coming at him. "What?!, crap..." Kaji deepened his stance, lowering himself. A small green magic circle started to appear below him, in faded light. "Divinus Ventus!" He yelled loudly, wind started to gather up in the small slit between his sword guard and the end of his scabbard. As the bolt closed distance quickly, Kaji drew his blade, letting out a huge gush of wind, slicing the very air itself, and directed it towards the bolt of flame.

Not putting too much energy on the spell, it wasn't enough to destroy the flame, but redirect it. Which was his original intention. His arm was straight out, as his blade was held upwards, towards the sky. His other hand, still holding on to the scabbard, and his legs still slightly bent. He quickly straighten himself out and lowered his blade to his side. "I'm not going to fight you here..." He said looking around, noticing some civilians, then quickly looking back at the man.
  Kaji / StrifeX / 9y 253d 7h 1m 18s
The man was very pleased that he was able to attract more than just one person, straight to him. His face had already changed back to that glaring, unhappy expression it had before. When the two spoke of punishment, it almost mad him want to just mock and taunt the two. As tempting as it was, he refrained himself from doing so. He thought it about time he gathered some distance, at least a little bit.

He quickened his pace down the steps."Why I started that fire, is none of your concern, I can do whatever I wish." He stated this rather boldly, as if he weren't afraid of the authorities. "So, boys and girls, you think you guys know magic, you think you guys know punishment? The Sanctus Ferrum & the Clerics don't know and can't do shit. Allow me to enlighten & demonstrate to you little children.."

Quickly the man shed the large black robe he wore and threw it into the air and jumping down the rest of the way down the small flight of stairs. One could see he was dressed quite oddly. He quickly went in a somewhat odd stance, he was unarmed right now. Quickly sliding, and stepping one foot back, one could feel a sharp heat wave heat through the ground and upward. Quickly making odd motions with his hands in somewhat round circular motions as if he were trying to form or manipulate the air. Within the next split second he struck his left arm quickly at them, two fingers pointing at them. The motions he made when he struck were hardly visible. Large sparks and tongues of red flame seemed to have come out from this man's finger tips straight toward them at an alarming speed. It had almost instantaneously burnt the robe he threw up to ashes and was still heading for them. He had estimated the distance between the two parties; himself and the two kids to be about 10 or so meters. This very first shot was basically a weak provocation shot. It was made in hopes to provoke one or even better, both into combat with him.
  Rhan Jun Shanghai / Etherlite / 9y 253d 9h 6m 58s

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