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lilly was like all the other nekos; a slave. forced into it by her mother, she has been sold her whole life, and returned a month later beaten badly. will some one come along to stop her pain?

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Marie held on to him tightly as they sped off and closed her eyes. she looked at him as she got off and he handed her a list. she took the helmet off and handed it to him before taking off to get the things he needed, a woman smiling at her. she wairily smiled back and continued what she was doing.
  Marie neko / Mariechan / 9y 48d 6h 15m 26s
He reached back and pulled her arms around himself and then started the bike revving the engine to life and drove off heading to the shopping district. He stoped infront of an old oriental shop and waited for her to get off so he could and pulled out a small list off things he needed and handed it to her. "meet me back here when your done."
  James Granin / everlongknight666 / 9y 48d 8h 48m 41s
Marie shook her head and tucked her ears down, sliding the helmet on them. she got onto the back of the bike and held the seat, looking frightened under the helmet. she looked down and said "okay" waiting for something to happen.
  Marie neko / Mariechan / 9y 48d 16h 19m 13s
He sighed and pulled off his helmet and handed it to her, "here it's bigger..." he then put the other helmet in the saddle bag on the side of the bike. "trust me I grew up on motorcycles"
  James Granin / everlongknight666 / 9y 49d 8h 31m 18s
Marie followed him down the stairs and looked at the bike, making a frightened noise in the back of her throught. she looked at him and picked up the helmet. "what...?" she said looking confused and then looked at the bike. "my ears wont fit" she said quietly, looking ashamed.
  Marie neko / Mariechan / 9y 50d 9h 11m 12s
James walked down the stairs and out the front door to a waiting harly davidson and sat on it waiting for Marie putting on a helmet and had one waiting for her on the seat behind him.
  James Granin / everlongknight666 / 9y 51d 10h 52m 5s
"just something important to me" she said and stood up. "yes sir im ready" she said and smiled slightly at him, quickly tucking her toy under the bedspread.
  Marie neko / Mariechan / 9y 51d 17h 4m 53s
"now what is that child?" Walter asked looking curiously. James walked down the hall and gathered the things he needed for the errands of the day. Once he was done he walked back to maries room. "are you ready Marie?" he said as he stood in the door way looking at the two.
  James Granin / everlongknight666 / 9y 55d 12h 6m 5s
Marie looked at her small bag and took something from it hiding it sneakily. She looked at waltwr and said quietly "thank you" before saying louder to him "yes sir" qnd sighed
  Marie neko / Mariechan / 9y 55d 13h 56m 14s
"no i have personal buisness to do, but i can have you pick up the order if you wish." he stood and looked at the door as walter knocked on the doorframe and walked in setting her bags on the bed. he bowed and steped from the room.
  James Granin / everlongknight666 / 9y 57d 13h 50m 10s
"yes sir or if you wish i can change into my other outfit and go myself, i would only need a list" she added and smiled. she looked down again and wondered what it would be like to work with the master of the house.
  Marie neko / Mariechan / 9y 57d 13h 53m 0s
he eyed her and said, "the three of us will all work together, it allows for work to get done faster and allows more free time. but on to another subject, im going to the market later and i normaly have walter join me but i wish for you to join me on the trip."
  James Granin / everlongknight666 / 9y 57d 13h 55m 33s
Marie shook her head and smiled, tucking her hands into her lap. she sighed slightly and added "that wont be nessissary, i can take care of the work" she said and smiled.
  Marie neko / Mariechan / 9y 57d 13h 58m 57s
"i see..well you wont be doing all the work around here you will have the help of walter and myself. and i know its not proper but i still do some work around here." he said releasing her hands.
  James Granin / everlongknight666 / 9y 57d 14h 8m 5s
Marie smiled very slightly at him and said with a frown "i was born into it, but didnt start working until i was 5" and looked down sadly.
  Marie neko / Mariechan / 9y 57d 14h 10m 14s

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