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The woman purses her lips, pulling the clipboard back into sight.

[b "I am a Rae, yes, and who would your grandfather be, if I could ask?"] She beamed to the new blood before her, shifting her gaze between the clipboard and her new guests. [b "Tssk, tsk... destroy this place...."] She couldn't help but chuckle. [b "Careful, you might insult it."] Rae spoke, musing over the pocket realm which shifted endlessly. SUDDENLY an appletini was in her hands, and Rae glanced over. [b "Why thank you angel!"] She sipped casually at the drink. [b All is well... We have guests!"] The pinkette laughed gesturing to Mimi and Genji.
  Raelle creator of I.D.C. / animeluver / 4y 204d 15h 36m 25s
Amy: [b Makes herself a glass of bourbon with coke then sits back down, reading quietly to herself.]
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 4y 204d 15h 37m 3s
*runs in with her little mii bar and hands luver an aplletini* [b [#2af4da sup y'all?]]
  Malaysia / Angel_Shy / 4y 204d 15h 41m 57s
"Aaahhh so that's Rae!"

[#CF7C29 "Calm yourself,"]

"Granddad talked about you a lot!"

[#CF7C29 "Sometimes he wouldn't shut up about this place or you,"]

"I'm glad I brought you and not Savlon. He'd already have the place destroyed,"

[#CF7C29 "What about your boyfriend?"]

"B-b-b-boy f-f-f-friend? N-n-n-no I don't have one of th-those!"

[#CF7C29 "Yea, right. We're here for a reason. Granddad said you were renovating and said we were to help,"]
  MistakenIdentity / 4y 204d 15h 46m 29s
Amy: ello love, That's the owner of this place and one of my friends. [b Waves to Luver.]
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 4y 204d 16h 9m 57s
A wall in the vast room opened up, a young woman steps out, she carries a clipboard and mumbles to herself.

[b "Okay so if we adjust that then the deer probably won't be able to break loose from that section-- it'd be a mess if they got into the supplies room..."] The girl looks up, scratching her messy pink hair. [b "Oh."] She grins, stepping forward, hiding the clipboard behind her back. [b "Welcome! Welcome, come in, welcome to, uh, here!"] She greeted, full of energy.
  Raelle creator of I.D.C. / animeluver / 4y 204d 16h 12m 14s
Amy: Im Amy Winchester, I'm a long time resident here. [b Smiles as she looked at them with her emerald green eyes that were slightly bloodshot.]
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 4y 204d 16h 26m 57s
"I'm Mimi, Mimi Blackrose,"

The girls left eye, an amber in color, glimmered a bit as she spoke her name. Her right eye, a blood red in color, did not.

"That's Genji Blackrose. He's my cousin. Our Granddad said he came here a lot when he was younger. He said he's had it protected since it's in its own little pocket universe, so we decided to come check it out. I'm not busy right now since my city is still being built, and Genji left his second in command in charge of The Forge,"

[#CF7C29 "Do you think she knows what you are even talking about?"]

"Oh yea, woops, sorry about that,"
  Genji Blackrose / MistakenIdentity / 4y 204d 16h 30m 6s
Amy: [b Laughs as she looked at them.] Its fine, I've dealt with worse.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 4y 204d 16h 37m 23s
[#CF7C29 "Tch,"]

The male turns his back on the other being

"So sorry about him. He has a temper,"

[#CF7C29 "Temper has nothing to do with it,"]

"Be nice! Granddad talked a lot of praise about this place!"

The female turned back to the other.

"He's a butt,"
  Genji Blackrose / MistakenIdentity / 4y 204d 16h 39m 15s
Amy: [b Looks at the two people talking, her eyes still bloodshot, red rings under her eyes and her hair a complete mess, covered by a blue fleece blanket.] Yo.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 4y 204d 17h 23m 5s
[#CF7C29 "Hmh, I wonder what was so important about this place to him,"]

"I dunno. But it's like it's its own little pocket universe inside our own. I wonder if Shinryu knows about this,"

[#CF7C29 "If Uncle Genkinz can make his own Realm and it be fine, then this should be fine. As long as you don't screw up the time in this place,"]

"H-hey! What about you going berserk and destroying everything!"

[#CF7C29 "Not my problem,"]
  MistakenIdentity / 4y 204d 17h 27m 24s
O.o I just woke up from sleeping in the arm chair :3
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 4y 204d 20h 11m 34s
[b Todays reason for IDC:] Who needs sleep, SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK.
  Raelle creator of I.D.C. / animeluver / 4y 204d 20h 21m 24s
Amy: [b Her head hits the chair as she started to cough in her sleep.]
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 4y 205d 11h 36m 25s

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