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Master X slave?

Brother x brother?

Kidnapper x kid?

Whatever. :)

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Constantine walked into the school after locking his car that he wantd to get rid off so badily. Stoping suddenly he remebered that he forgot to fix his hair, so he qucikly looked into the side mirror and fixed it up before continuing to walk into to school.
The Kids loved him and he knew it... But he seemed to really take a shine to this one kid in his English class called Marc and he didn't know why.

Constantine reached his classroom and walked in beofre watching all the student take their seats.
"Good morning class." he said. "Hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to learn more about English Litriture.

  Constantine / BrokenHeartedGirl / 9y 227d 11h 9m 41s
Marc sighed softly as he walked into the school. He glanced around as he did. Looking at the people he saw everyday, "Blah.." He mumbled. He walked to his locker, put his bag in it...Then walked to class after he closed it. Once he got there he took his seat, and waited for the teacher to come along with the students.. He was always the first person in the class.
  Marc / RainbowSceneBoy / 9y 227d 11h 30m 59s
Yes I am the Teacher and iff you want.
  Constantine / BrokenHeartedGirl / 9y 227d 11h 42m 38s
okay! that works :) you want me to post first?

annnddd you're the teacher right? :)
  Marc / RainbowSceneBoy / 9y 227d 11h 43m 43s
Why Not Student and teacher...
With Real Pictures.
  Wrath. / BrokenHeartedGirl / 9y 227d 11h 45m 29s
Haha alright :)
i'm trying to find a picture..

what do you wanna rp about though? :)
  Marc / RainbowSceneBoy / 9y 227d 11h 46m 53s
I shall be your Seme.
  Wrath. / BrokenHeartedGirl / 9y 227d 11h 48m 43s

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