halo fight to the finish

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this is a rp based on the covenant of the halo saga i thought it would be nice to see how a covenant strike force does against humans and a leathal flood outbreak as well as a flood juggernaut now this lets any one join but once the flood arrive on the scene the humans and covenant will join forces to stop the flood from trying to spread

covenant strike force members
1# gorak sangili<me>elite

unsc & civilians:

all flood is in this rp


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<lets roll>
  Dark <sparten> / DarkArt / 9y 251d 20h 52m 28s
"got to tell the chief." he says as he grabs his shotgun from his back and starts to run back to the outpost.
  Dark <sparten> / DarkArt / 9y 251d 23h 53m 42s
garrek was a elite with rank of ranger he had seena unsc troop transport land and he took two locust with him to check the fields to see where they landed as he saw they landed next to a massive building that looked like a gaint holding bay "i must tell the strike force that we have a human problem..." as he heads out he heres somethin scurring in the undergrowth and takes off his plasma launcher from his back looks around seeing nothin moves on
  gerrik sangili / zerato / 9y 251d 23h 58m 34s
Dark was sent out on recon by the new leader of the noble team John-117,"man why do i get the bad jobs." he says as he hears a loud crashing sound, he runs over to see what is was and see a covenant strike force.
  Dark <sparten> / DarkArt / 9y 252d 7h 38m 28s
ok so how should we start up
  gorak sangili / zerato / 9y 259d 2h 11m 12s
  Dark / DarkArt / 9y 259d 2h 13m 1s
oh the helmet is majornir 5
  gorak sangili / zerato / 9y 259d 2h 17m 17s
the one in the pic its just i dont reamber the hemlets name
  Dark / DarkArt / 9y 259d 18h 26m 22s
what helmet does your spartan have?? mine has commando
  gorak sangili / zerato / 9y 259d 18h 31m 21s
<thanks i was looking for one that looks like my sparten on halo reach>
  Dark / DarkArt / 9y 259d 18h 32m 32s
nice image
  gorak sangili / zerato / 9y 259d 18h 34m 22s
<im in>
  Dark / DarkArt / 9y 259d 18h 35m 12s
ok now i see if it gets any attention
  gorak sangili / zerato / 9y 259d 18h 51m 11s

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