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Yea, now I do. I might change my character too if I can find a good picture
  Pikachu / Koisora / 9y 305d 33m 31s
yea i know that killed me too lol but now do you got a idea of wehat my rp will be like
  Ike / zerato / 9y 305d 41m 7s
FFFFFFFFF- there is no episode 13 part 2!!!!!
  Pikachu / Koisora / 9y 305d 42m 34s
yea gannon is bad and surpriseingly king koopa is a good guy lol
  Ike / zerato / 9y 305d 8h 41m 34s
So... I assume we need a Gannon? Or will Gannon just be the omnipotent evil?
  Samus Aran / LordDalgros / 9y 305d 9h 1m 21s
Well I won't be on for the rest of the day. Happy Thanks giving
  Pikachu / koisora / 9y 305d 10h 20m 42s
Other then you that's all I know for now at the moment because I haven't rp in like a year.
  Pikachu / koisora / 9y 305d 11h 16m 13s
yea and tell everyone ya know that they can join as any nitendo character
  Ike / zerato / 9y 305d 11h 22m 9s
Should we advertise for this to get more people?
  Pikachu / koisora / 9y 305d 11h 26m 18s
haha yea bowser is cool
  Ike / zerato / 9y 305d 12h 2m 55s
So far my favorite character is bowser surprisingly
  Pikachu / koisora / 9y 305d 12h 4m 15s
i know he has a mouth on him lol
  Ike / zerato / 9y 305d 12h 25m 38s
Lol I never expect pikachu to be like that honestly o.o
  Pikachu / koisora / 9y 305d 12h 26m 32s
nice series isnt it
  Ike / zerato / 9y 305d 12h 33m 6s
Pretty good so far. Watching smash King
  Pikachu / koisora / 9y 305d 12h 35m 7s

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