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i got this idea and decided to make a rp on it after playing super smash brothers brawl and watching a machinma called smash king now this is a kingdom set around a event called the smash tournement but there is more than just the smash torunement each character has a role yes that true but here they have there own personallity and 1 big difference is the main enemy isint bowser its actully gannon in this rp now without further ado ill show the characters and if there are open they will say open if not they will have reserved or taken











other characters can join as long as they are nitendo based

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Sorry I'm piled with homework I procrastinating on and I'm getting kicked off the computer till it's done.

Well sorry again and see ya later
  Pikachu / koisora / 9y 331d 8h 7m 56s
im ready to start if you are
  Ike / zerato / 9y 332d 7h 34m 23s
It's like seeing Higurshi all over again.

*Shivers* He creeps me out
  Pikachu / koisora / 9y 332d 7h 49m 32s
he hacked a ivysaur to bits.....maniac is a understatement
  Ike / zerato / 9y 332d 8h 4m 54s
Not as much as Link's crazy laughter. At times he sounds like a Psycho murderer
  Pikachu / koisora / 9y 332d 8h 27m 8s
yea it kinda gets annoying lol
  Ike / zerato / 9y 332d 8h 44m 24s
Well I memorize most of pikachu's lines. He/She mostly says chu at the end.
  Pikachu / koisora / 9y 332d 8h 58m 10s
Is it still on hold? Well, I'll just do a post. Is that ok?
  Pikachu / koisora / 9y 332d 8h 58m 57s
I'm going to re watch it again. It's much more interesting then I thought.
  Pikachu / Koisora / 9y 332d 22h 25m 34s
thats right chu??? you memorized pikachus saying from smash king
  Ike / zerato / 9y 332d 22h 29m 19s
no were just on hold
  Ike / zerato / 9y 332d 22h 29m 57s
Did the training academy halted for a moment?
  Pikachu / Koisora / 9y 332d 22h 30m 15s
That's right , chu
  Pikachu / Koisora / 9y 332d 22h 41m 10s
or as ike would say

"prepare your self!!!"
  Ike / zerato / 9y 332d 22h 46m 29s
ok go for it =)
  Ike / zerato / 9y 332d 22h 46m 54s

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