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Roleplay Responses

Haven't been here in, awhile xD pretty sure I am the only one here. O30
  Ringo Noyamano / StarFire_ / 6y 212d 10h 29m 37s
Minako. She's so amazingly cool Dx
  Zorn / zuraga / 7y 275d 4h 15m 19s
"Miss who?" o3o
  Mis- / Tally / 7y 275d 4h 28m 8s
Ugh damn it, I miss her so much >.<
  Zorn / zuraga / 7y 275d 23h 19s

.... Whats stopping you again? XDD
  Oh.... Yes? / XxIntricated_MewxX / 7y 277d 7h 54m 24s

sama u said i could have one
.... >> <<..... blinks .... Maybe... xD
  Oh.... Yes? / XxIntricated_MewxX / 7y 277d 11h 36m 14s
Yes. .w.
  Deidara / Arrow / 7y 277d 14h 57m 18s
.... blinks .... >>.. Really now? XD
  Oh.... Yes? / XxIntricated_MewxX / 7y 277d 14h 59m 48s
Fluffy mew thing. =o
I want one.
  Deidara / Arrow / 7y 277d 15h 2m 49s
Yup ewe;
  Oh.... Yes? / XxIntricated_MewxX / 7y 277d 15h 24m 49s
Dear god, this very much died. =/
  Deidara / Arrow / 7y 277d 15h 45m 10s
o-o *watches* ok then
こんにちは Good Evening my Darlin' so I haven't been here for exacally 93d 22h 26m 7s
Sweet stuff.

And Go a head Zuraga ;D but you gotta start from the lips dooooown *blowkiss*
  あげは(Ageha) / minakoYuki / 8y 82d 23h 10s
  wanna take abite of my apple / neckoangle / 8y 101d 21h 55m 21s

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