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this rp is about a girl and her best friend a guy named zack her best friend in the world after her boyfriend finds out she was preqnaunt he dumped her now with now were to turn she goes to her best friend zack and tells what happened he lets her stay with him and smiles saying she has always had a place with him as the days go by she starts to notice that he is quite caring and has conserns for the child she is carring and thinks he might be a good dad for her kid so she starts to think of a way to ask him tobe the new father

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She kissed him softly and smiled "I love you Zack" )
  Akira / animefan127 / 9y 260d 19h 32m 16s
robert im glad to tell you saria is your daughter weldone my boy you new and put the data together and solved it weldonezack turned and looked at his soon to be wife and his daughter and smiled at them
  zack / zerato / 9y 260d 19h 35m 25s
She held Saria in her arms as she looked at the doctor with the papers eger to find out if it was true or not. so this could mean all this time HE was the real father huh, well it would make sense i guess she looked over at Zack.
  Akira / animefan127 / 9y 260d 19h 38m 26s
yea by facts what happened that night could have created saria.. there it is he says pointing to the hospital he goes in and opens the door for them as they enter he talks to the docter that help with the delivery and he agrees that he can runa dna test as he takes the dna samples and leaves he comes back within a few minutes with a paper with the results...
  zack / zerato / 9y 260d 19h 44m 17s
She nodded suddenly realizing what he was saying "So you're saying Saria may be you're biological daughter afterall?" she looked at him with a smile across her lips
  Akira / animefan127 / 9y 260d 19h 51m 3s
he started up the car and started to ask her if she remembers the day before she and that jerk hooked up remember we tryed a little wine and do you remember were we found ourselves afterwords??he says as he has a look on his face that made him blush a little bit
  zack / zerato / 9y 260d 19h 53m 59s
"huh" she followed him in confusion to the car before setting Saria in her carseat then sat in the passengers seat "Whats going on?" She spoke quietly
  Akira / animefan127 / 9y 260d 19h 56m 36s
thanks my darling he walked up close and kisses saria on the head and then thought of why she looked so much like him and it hit him wait that time we first tryed wine...he says as he decided to get saria checked to see if he was her dad litterally come on hun i think i know why she looks like me he says as they get in the car and head for the docters to get a dna test ran on him and saria
  zack / zerato / 9y 260d 19h 59m 29s
Her eyes widened as she was speechles she was so in shock it took the sound of saria's giggle to snap her back into reality "Yes! I'll marry you" she smiled a few tears falling as she kissed him.
  Akira / animefan127 / 9y 260d 20h 3m 11s
would you...marry me?? he says and is hopeful as he continuesi want to be there for you and saria and since we always cared for each other i thought now would be a good time to ask what do ya say???
  zack / zerato / 9y 260d 20h 5m 38s
She turned around and smiled sweetly at him still holding Saria "Sure anything ^^" she tilted her head wondering what it was he wanted to ask.
  Akira / animefan127 / 9y 260d 20h 12m 15s
he looked at them from the garden and walked over to them as he put a rose in his lovers hair he had planned somethin today he had a square box hidden in his other hand hey honey can i ask you somthin?
  zack / zerato / 9y 260d 20h 15m 16s
She turned her head kissing him on the lips gently and smiled "Okay love" she went back and picked Saria up. She then walked outside, resting saria on her hip holding her as she walked out side enjoying the weather.
  Akira / animefan127 / 9y 260d 20h 26m 42s
zack looks at her and smilesas he wraps his arms around her and gives her a quick peck on the cheek im going to the yard to work on the garden if ya need me give a shout
  zack / zerato / 9y 260d 20h 37m 14s
She finished feeding Saria as she picked her up and patted her back lightly until she burped.She then set Saria down.
  Akira / animefan127 / 9y 260d 20h 40m 33s

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