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I really want to roleplay, but not sure what. If anyone out there is as bored as I am, come join me and we can decide what to roleplay, make a plot, create a setting, etc. I do almost everything from vampires to school roleplays to yaois and yuris to anime based roleplays and more. I'm semi-literate, but can do literate. I do not like one liners and I like medium sized posts that I can respond to. I also like good grammar. I do real or anime pictures. Either one is fine. Someone come relieve my boredom pelase.

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Cyan shifted his head and his shoulders moved up in a shrug. "That officer should have never been an officer to begin with," he stated, fear not laced with his words although it should have been since it could have gotten him decommissioned. He turned towards the cafe's small window, it being vacant and barren. He never knew such a war that caused a majority of the population to be killed or scattered. He returned his eyes to his captain, smiling as he saw his confused face. "We will win," he told him as if it was already written in history. He took his warmed hand, do to the coffee, and placed it on Aidan's masculant shoulder, patting softly. "Do not work yourself up. In the end, what needs to be will happen," he told like some prophet or a priest. He laughed as his own words, leaning back in the chair, sipping his warm but sugar-lacking coffee.
  Cyan / Kogi / 9y 132d 2h 18m 35s
"Don't flatter yourself, Cyan," commented Aidan, although smiling with a flirtatious aire. He was playing around, or what he thought was only playing around. He did have some feeling for Cyan, but he always told himself that it was only a feeling of respect for another soldier.
He sat with a sigh. "I didn't expect things to be this stressful when I got promoted to an officer rank," he confessed. "Whenever I plan one move, there's another hundred I haev to think over. Plus, with how hopeless things are starting to look for us here. Another officer suggested that we pull out at our latest meeting; how cowardly is that? Innocent people need us here so there is no way in hell I'm wanting to pull out so soon."
  Aidan Walker~ / AidoChild / 9y 132d 2h 53m 14s
Cyan put his hand to his forehead and lazily saluted. "Yes, sir," he smiled, throwing his rifle onto his shoulder as Aidan led him away. "Scouting is a drag," he sighed, walking calmly. He wanted to shoot. He loved to kill and was known as a man with no mercy.
Cyan looked to Aidan, pinching his cheek in the most joking matter. "You just wanted to be alone with you, you pervy," he laughed and sat down, laying his rifle against his side. He reached and amazingly grabbed two cups of coffee in one hand, letting them cool off in the middle of the table.
"How are you taking everything, Aidan?" He asked, sipping the burning coffee. "It's a lot to handle, no?"
  Cyan / Kogi / 9y 137d 2h 38m 41s
Aidan looked at Cyan grimly. He was usually a carefree guy, who always liked a good laugh. These past few days, however, had been exhausted and were just enough to take away any light hearted feelings.
"This team was only in charge of scouting for today," he replied. "Another officer has already sent out to push back the enemy and we will be awaiting any calls for assistance. That is all we can do unfortunately."
He hoped Cyan wouldn't be too restless waiting; a lot of people were when called to wait.
"Come get some coffee with me," said Aidan, placing an arm around Cyan and leading him off towards one of the lounge areas that had been placed on the base. There was no telling how long they would have to be here, so it was important to make the place as comfortable as possible with hell blazing all around them.
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Cyan lead the team returning to the checkpoint alpha. "Aidan, sir," he coughed out, exhausted from the escape from the enemies. "I've managed to save the two friendlies out there but every one else, sir, is gone," he told him, heartlessly. He reloaded the rifle that hugged his hands and stared at his commanding officer. "What do we do now, sir?" He questioned, eyes ready for battle. He had lost his fear to die long before the war and was ready to kill or be killed.

Cyan sort of admired Aidan since he was a higher rank and he always had a plan, even if it sounded crazy. His heart raced at the sound of gun fire to the west but soon it died down. He awaited orders.
  Cyan / Kogi / 9y 137d 3h 12m 31s
The base was pretty quiet, which usually never came as a good sign. Usually the calm atmosphere was because they would soon be sent out to fight, or someone they knew was dying or dead. When everyone was hardly saying a word, you knew something was wrong. When Aidan entered the military base again after being sent on a scouting mission, he knew the reason for this silence.
His team had been attacked on the scouting, signaling that the enemy was more active and closer than they had expected. Word got back before the team of the attack, and he was sure nobody expected anyone to come back. Out of the five, three did return. Aidan was lucky enough to be the one returning. It had been like this for days, however. This base was in a foreign country and too damn close to enemy lines for comfort. A past attack similar to this one had left the young officer with a slight limp in his left leg. It was getting ridiculous, this war. But, they had no say in it at all. Aidan sighed as he watched other soldiers carry the bodies of the fallen away to be buried. There were more and more names on the list, and very little progress.
  Aidan Walker~ / AidoChild / 9y 137d 3h 38m 32s

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