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Like it says Just passing time...

be vulgar be obscene I really don't mind Long as I can drink in peace.

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  L The Shinigami / RyuzakiTenseiga / 10y 44d 1h 39m 40s
Sleep the day away?
  Melody / rainingxme / 10y 46d 7h 39m 4s
what to do, what to do ?
  L The Shinigami / RyuzakiTenseiga / 10y 46d 9h 30m 6s
  L The Shinigami / RyuzakiTenseiga / 10y 47d 42m 44s
Why yes it is, but I'm sorry to cut our conversation short but I happen to be falling asleep at the computer, good night.
  Melody / rainingxme / 10y 47d 45m 28s
Ryuk is a great character.

so is this L
  L The Shinigami / RyuzakiTenseiga / 10y 47d 48m 58s
Interesting hehe Ryuk ~giggles~ sorry Ryuk is my favorite.
  Melody / rainingxme / 10y 47d 52m 28s
Yeah I even had an rp about L returning as a Shinigami on the old ES.
  Gene / RyuzakiTenseiga / 10y 47d 54m 10s
Never heard of the last two, but Death Note is amazing.
  Melody / rainingxme / 10y 47d 55m 28s
Death Note when I joined the old ES

I tried to do Guyver , and am thinking of an S-cry-ed rp
  Gene / RyuzakiTenseiga / 10y 47d 56m 24s
Any particular favorite when it comes to the anime rewrites?
  Melody / rainingxme / 10y 47d 59m 18s
Anime rewrites , supernatural, adventure , 1x1s , Pretty much everything.
  Gene / RyuzakiTenseiga / 10y 47d 1h 1m 26s
I understand, romance can be one of the hardest rp's to do simply because its difficult to drag out. What about you, what kind of rp's do you like?
  Melody / rainingxme / 10y 47d 1h 3m 57s
I never know what to do in a romance rp honestly . I suppose I haven't really allowed myself to stay focused

i don't know
  Gene / RyuzakiTenseiga / 10y 47d 1h 5m 35s
Just about anything I suppose, I'm a sucker for a good romance, though what girl isn't? ~smiles~
  Melody / rainingxme / 10y 47d 1h 7m 13s

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