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two good friends are finally reunited after the boy moved away now as a softmore in the school he goes to he runs into his old crush who is now the most popular girl in school with him being the new guy he is made fun of but what happens when she see's him for the first time on campus and to make it worse after the school lets them out she is assaulted but is shocked when her old friend comes to her rescue out of no werenow with love in the air will love bloom and how far will it take them

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Ok cool
  Kuro / roselily / 9y 262d 15h 27m 23s
i can do those if you like wanna try one
  zack / zerato / 9y 262d 15h 44m 36s
Yes why?
  Kuro / roselily / 9y 262d 15h 47m 12s
umm do you liek medival love story rps
  zack / zerato / 9y 262d 16h 6m 8s
ok i need a recap
  zack / zerato / 9y 262d 16h 11m 58s
Mhmm of course
  Kuro / roselily / 9y 262d 16h 12m 39s
good evening shall we continue
  zack / zerato / 9y 262d 16h 20m 41s
oh...hmmm different...
  Kuro / roselily / 9y 263d 20h 44m 13s
yea i was thinking of reopening my zelda rp called united we stand and its in major need of characters
  zack / zerato / 9y 263d 21h 34m 41s
Hmm yeah kinda why? And are you going to post?
  KI-KI / roselily / 9y 263d 21h 40m 36s
what about legend of zelda
  zack / zerato / 9y 263d 21h 50m 1s
Anything really except sci fi why?
  Kuro / roselily / 9y 263d 22h 3m 42s
hey what style anime you like
  zack / zerato / 9y 263d 22h 49m 55s
The girls surrounded her, comforting her. She pushed them off gently as she got up and put on her jeans. She didn't feel like going to class as she walked out of the locker room. Before she left she signaled the girls something, telling them to keep this only between them. She walked to her locker, grabbing her things before walking outside. The cold nipped at her as she cried on the way home.
  Kuro / roselily / 9y 263d 22h 55m 36s
her friends came in and saw her crying and looked at zack as they ran to her what happened!?!?!? zack had fire in his eyes as he told them what happened he looked at her and put his hand on her head i wont let them hurt you i swear my life on it they wont he says as he hugs her
  zack / zerato / 9y 263d 23h 14m 47s

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