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Arcuied has never lived his life to the fullest, taking it slow and steady, always trying to stay out of the eye of others, so he wouldn't attract attention.

The strangest thing was he went to a school, where he was the only human, and that only Neko Boys and Girls went to this school, he went there as an experiment to see if humans and Neko's could relate as children.

During this time, One Very Different Neko Girl sees him walking to school and jumps him, deciding that yes, he will be her's, making arcuied's life turn into a crazy life as she follows him everywhere, even scaring him at home!

No One liners, Techno viking will come for you if you do
One or Two Paragraphs, or at least 400 charecter's, that's not to hard?
Romance is a must, if it gets to far, pm or timeskip
My Charecter is shy, and the Neko Girl must be outgoing and teasing and very forceful, but loving and when she dosen't get attention from Arcuied, she does anything she can to get it :P
If you read this, in your post put 'Vinter' in your post

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  Lavender Kingsley / Wingsofgold / 10y 158d 1h 26m 3s
Arcuied blushed softly and rubbed the back of his head. "Thanks.....Ummm...My ears?" He asked her confused and tilted his head to the side. "I don't have ears...I'm Human?" He replied back to her, thinking it was an obvious question to ask somebody.

'Oh.......Really?" He said, his voice rose slightly in embarsesment and blushed a deep crimson red, his cheeks flusteres and his words became disjointed. "U-Ummm..I-I don't know w-what to say to that L-L-Lavender." he said and chuckled softly about the question.
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 158d 1h 26m 53s
Lavender smiled and rolled her eyes as if this was the silliest thing she had ever heard. " Oh of course! I've been walking to school this way for years. It's so much shorter!" She said with a wide smile on her face. " So... where are your ears?" She asked him curious as one of her own began to twitch. She was all excited to be talking to a new boy. " You're really cute." She said and smiled even wider.
  Lavender Kingsley / Wingsofgold / 10y 158d 1h 53m 18s
Arcuied jumped back in surpirse and let out a cry of surpirse. "WHOA!" He said in a state of shock, and fell over his bag and landed on his back. "Ohhhhh......I thought someone was here..." he said softly and rubbed his eyes as he looked up towards the girl.

She was just smiling down at him and started continusely, her black ears twitching in excitment and her long black tail swaying from side to side, brushing agianst her legs and sometimes his. "Ummm....Hello..." he said and slowly leaned up agianst a tree to sit himself up. "Yeah....I'm heading to school as well...Lavender, i thought nobody takes this way?" He said to her, wondering how she found this pathway.
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 158d 1h 56m 22s
Lavender was watching the boy closely. For some reason he could not see her and for that she was grateful. Meh... I'll get him to notice me soon enough. She thought as she saw the perplexed look on his face. Maybe he knew that she was there. Could he smell her? He's so cute! She thought again as he picked up his bag. Wait! That's a perfect conversation starter! I can talk to him about school. Just then she pushed some silver blonde hair out of her Onyx eyes and jumped out to see him. " Hi! I'm Lavender. Are you going to school too?" She said way too quickly.
  Lavender Kingsley / Wingsofgold / 10y 158d 2h 5m 41s
Yes you may join Lavender

, please post thank you
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 158d 2h 9m 9s
May I join? ... VInter.
  Lavender Kingsley / Wingsofgold / 10y 158d 2h 21m 27s
Arcuied rubbed his nose as he walked down the street, it was cold and his nose was aching from hitting it last night, the cold didn't help it either. "Ugh....At least i won't sneeze when i walk by everyone today, i can't smell a thing." He thought to himself, his hands in his pockets and his bag slung across his back.

"Huh....Was something just there?" He thought as he looked at the tree's, it looked like something with a tail had rushed passed....Strange. "Probably one of the students getting to school early today, Meh...." He thought and took a crossing across the street, and through the foresty area where nobody goes, he always took this shortcut to take longer to get to school. He stopped at the side of the road and took out a tissue, and blew his nose hard until he could smell agian. "Finally.....Wait...What smells like perfume?" He thought and turned around, looking around the forest area, it was very close, maybe somebody else had taken this path instead of him. "No......Okay..let's just head out to school now." He thought and picked up his bag agian.
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 158d 2h 41m 51s

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