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When Kittlen, a 17 year old is sold as a slave to ____. She was scared naturally but along the way complications seem to occur and things between her and her master become strange.


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Kaiser plundered around through the store looking at all the oddities of this store; like a child in a candy store he went around looking at every last thing before he chose the real oddities to him. He found a Blue Roses for sale; so he took one. He saw a small lizard like plushy; he took it as well. Last he found something for Kittlen; It was a small flask filled with some form of glowing red substance. He thought it was a very neat oddity and also thought Kittlen might like it so he bought it as well. He finally finished up and gave her a big smile.
  Kaiser Zollverein / WorldsEnd / 9y 256d 14h 23m 29s
Kittlen really didnt understand this man at all. He was highly confusing and all she could do was nod. Following him to where he wanted to go she saw that they were walking to some shops though the looked down at the ground quickly not really caring what the store was selling. Thoughts were running through her all at once and was giving her a headache causing her to frown slightly.
  Kittlen / BlueEyedTears / 9y 256d 20h 48m 15s
He gave her a smile as he put his hand under her chin and lifted her head. "Don't bow your head to anyone you don't respect silly. Because I am sure you don't respect me yet." HE said with another bright smile on his face as he turned and started to walk in the direction of one of the stores he wanted to visit. "Come now." He said kindly back to her.
  Kaiser Zollverein / WorldsEnd / 9y 256d 20h 52m 29s
Nodding her head and lifting her head she looked at his face and then quickly dropped her gaze. "Yes, Master I'm sure." Although there were a few places she'd like to go she didn't want the run the risk of him doing something.
  Kittlen / BlueEyedTears / 9y 259d 10h 16m 48s
He tilted his head a little when she said no. "You sure? I really am in no hurry home. Sure you don't have anywhere you want to go?" He asked again staring at her trying to read her actions.
  Kaiser Zollverein / WorldsEnd / 9y 259d 10h 22m 26s
Kittlen was completely confused she looked around lost. No one had asked her that before. Deciding it was a trick she simply folded her arms and looked down at the ground. "I don't want to go anywhere Master." Her voice was low and timid as and barely audiable through the noise of the busy city.
  Kittlen / BlueEyedTears / 9y 259d 10h 25m 10s
He looked down at her with a smile. "Depends where would you like to go. I have no rush to get home." He said with a smile as he let her hand go and looked up at the blue sky for a minute.
  Kaiser Zollverein / WorldsEnd / 9y 259d 22h 12m 49s
Taking his hand and nodded her head slightly as they walked out into the busy street. Her eyes were wide and for a brief second and then it soon dropped as she remembered the people she missed. Looking to him she sighed a little. "Where now master.?"
  Kittlen / BlueEyedTears / 9y 259d 22h 18m 40s
He watched her and pushed her on up the stairs all the way. His push was very soft and gentle she could keep her balance even with him pushing her up the stairs. "Come on. Lets leave this place and head home." HE said with a smile and offered her his hand.
  Kaiser Zollverein / WorldsEnd / 9y 259d 22h 29m 6s
Shaking her head lightly she didn't want to feel dependable. Looking down at the floor she got to the stairs and held onto the wall everytime she lost her balance. When she got out the daylight stung her eyes and she put her arm in front of them to shield them.
  Kittlen / BlueEyedTears / 9y 259d 22h 35m 42s
He walked right by her trying to help her keep her balance he smiled at her because of how strong she was trying to be. It made him happy to see even like this she still did her best to be strong. "You sure? I won't hurt you. I am only trying to help you walk. There is no need to flinch." He said softly and kindly to her so she could feel that he was less of a threat to her.
  Kaiser Zollverein / WorldsEnd / 9y 259d 22h 42m 22s
She felt him touch her side and as an automatic reaction she flinched. "N-No master.. I-I'll be fine." Her voice was shaking slightly and she tried to keep her balance as she walked. Glancing down at the floor she could hear the rattles and slight movements of other slaves in cages. Guilt ran through her and she could feel the tears sting at her eyes but she fought to keep them back.
  Kittlen / BlueEyedTears / 9y 260d 3h 34m 0s
He watched her with a tilt in his head. He had to think about it for a minute then just thought about how long she might have been in the cage. "Would you like me to help you walk. You have seem to almost forgotten." He said walking up behind her and placing his hand near her side to help her keep her balance.
  Kaiser Zollverein / WorldsEnd / 9y 260d 9h 38m 53s
Kittlen felt him pat her head and frowned.
I'm not a pet. Thinking it aloud in her head she didnt dare say it.
She started to walk away from him, obviously walking to her was strange she hadn't done so for quite some time.
  Kittlen / BlueEyedTears / 9y 261d 3h 43m 30s
He smiled at her and patted her head lightly as he moved his free hand indicating for her to lead the way out. "Come now, let us leave this place." He said with the same smile.
  Kaiser Zollverein / WorldsEnd / 9y 263d 3h 51m 6s

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