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two old friends zack markess and Reshara Daily,are now in charge of a zoo but the bad thing noit many want to go see the place since it has the same animals as any other zoo does so its at this time zack markess decided to take matters into his own hands and in secret started cloneing animals of the past and when his best pal finds out his secret she decided to help him out.but the two of them are going to far and need help so they start putting up flyers for prehistoric park and work on the cloneing while they do the wanted adds
zoo master-taken by me
co owner of zoo-taken by donut
raptor handler
triceratops keeper
t-rex observer
mammoth handler
sabertooth handler
any others that want in will be accepted

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  zack / zerato / 9y 256d 17h 27m 52s
i cant copy and paste links on my phone so ill check it out when my internet is working again
  Kaiki Mari / animefan127 / 9y 256d 17h 38m 24s
umm well the chaos factor was suppose to be a 4th jurassic park movie but was cut when the idea of dinosaur mutating were kinda creepy me i was intriqued by it so i searched and found images from chaos factor or movie 4 look here to see what the dinosaurs would have become on this movie
  zack / zerato / 9y 256d 18h 7m 30s
yea but its been forever since ive watched it and i only watched one of them
  Kaiki Mari / animefan127 / 9y 256d 18h 8m 9s
Chaos factor? I've seen all the movies, but what's a chaos factor? It's been a while, probably like five years since I've watched the movies... TT~TT
  Riza Uzuri / FlyingDonut / 9y 256d 18h 10m 45s
have you seen the jurrasic poark movies??
  scientist neku / zerato / 9y 256d 18h 11m 52s
  Kaiki Mari / animefan127 / 9y 256d 18h 14m 14s
anyone wanna join my jurassic park chaos factor rp?
  scientist neku / zerato / 9y 256d 18h 16m 32s
"what about dinner at least let me wrap it up so it doesn;t spoil.
  Kaiki Mari / animefan127 / 9y 257d 23h 58m 45s
Suddenly excited, she turned to her mother. "Can we mommy? Please?"
  Riza Uzuri / FlyingDonut / 9y 258d 44s
he smiles as watches goes off suddenly it was his alarm set to the park a animal had gotten lose he says and then gets a idea "come with me to see what i do for a liveing..."
  fossil expert neku / zerato / 9y 258d 2m 23s
<yea im still here went to get a hamburger>
  fossil expert neku / zerato / 9y 258d 5m 4s

  Riza Uzuri / FlyingDonut / 9y 258d 7m 28s
"Well that's how boys act at your age, when you guys get older they'll be braver to approach u and spend time with you." she looked over at zack and noticed her was red "He's probably just thinking about how we met or how he used to act when he was younger" she walked up to him and kissed his cheek
  Kaiki Mari / animefan127 / 9y 258d 21m 20s
"Of course not. They follow me around, but when I ask if they want to play or what they want, they run!!" she said angrily, crossing her arms. She gave her father a puzzled look. "Why's Daddy red?"
  Riza Uzuri / FlyingDonut / 9y 258d 25m 26s

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