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<Nyah! T~T I have to go... Sorry>
  Russell / BlackRaiinxx / 10y 158d 4h 12m 15s
*Hajame watched carefully as what the boy was doing, Softly touching his hand... It was so gentle and sweet. Hajame looked up at the boy as he heard the males smooth, Fairly deep voice. He blushed softly as he saw the males own blush appear on his face, He bit his lower lip and winced lightly

He nodded softly and looked back down* "Oh... Thank you..." He said softly looking back up at the male at the other comment he stated. Hajame nodded and took both of the males hands softly pulling himself up slowly, His legs feeling shaky for some reason. He stood up and brushed his back side off and his leggings off. Hajame was very skinny. He could fit into little kids clothes if he wanted. He looked over at the male, Seeing he was much taller then Hajame as well. He blushed softly and looked down* "T-Thank you... Very much.. Kind Sir" He said softly.
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 158d 4h 15m 32s
Russell turned his hand around slightly and began to dab at it with the cloth softly, not really speaking or doing much else as he worked, though he could feel the other boys eyes on him, this caused a slight red hue to cross over his cheeks, has he put the damp cloth aside he reached into the kit grabbing out another longer and thinner piece of cloth and began to wrap it around the males hand not too tight, but just tight enough it would keep his hand from hurting much more, tieing it together he picked the damp cloth up once more and took his other hand gently, dabbing it carefully as well, for some reason he didn't want to hurt the dancer remotely, as in accidentally rubbing too hard with the cloth. He smiled and put the cloth aside one more and began to wrap his other hand. "your quiet good." he whispered trying to strike up conversation, he let a slight smile drift across his lips as he looked up slightly and finished up with his other hand. "Want some help up?" he asked meaning from the fall it must have hurt quiet a bit.
  Russell / BlackRaiinxx / 10y 158d 4h 53m 25s
[It's COOL Dood. Haha No problems. :)]

*Hajame looked over at the boy, His head still down so he could not see what the boy was really like since he was staring at the males shoes, He flinched as the boy was sudendenlly right next to him, Holding his hands out. Hajame looked at the boy in the eyes, Seeing how beautiful the boys eyes where, That made Hajame blush softly, He looked back down his hair falling in his face as he did so.

Hajame slowly lifted one of his hands up and placed it up right in the boys hand, Wincing as he did this. The males hands where bigger then Hajames, They where warm, Hajames where soft and cold since the studio was always set to a fairly low temperature. He bit his lower lip and sighed softly looking down at what he was wearing, Seeing he looked like he was dressed in women clothes. He blushed again and looked back up at the boy blushing softly. Feeling weird at the moment*
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 158d 5h 13m 49s
Russell remained frozen, blinking as he fell, and gaining his consciousness back as he hear the male speak, not noticing he had a rather feminine voice, he walked over to the closet quietly that held a First aid kit and looked over his shoulder at the male that was on the floor, still rather entranced by the boy's dancing, It had been amazing from what he could tell, though Russell wasn't a professional, in Law and Business he was, only because his father had made him so, letting out one final small inaudible sigh he turned around and walked back over opening the kit as he knelt down and held out his own hand for the other males quietly holding a dampened cloth in the other, "If you don't clean it it will be infected" he explained and waited for the dancer to hold out his hand, tired eyes looking the dancer over, he didn't seem all that hurt, but the sliding had to have hurt his hands a bit more then he was leading on.

  Russell / BlackRaiinxx / 10y 158d 5h 20m 16s
[NO It was good. :)]

*Hajame was just about to jump in the air and spin as he did so like and ice skater. Just as he was about to jump he opened his eyes and saw a male staring at him like he was some kind of a monster, Hajame's eyes got big, His heart beating very fast as he fell to the ground and onto his knees, Hajame caught to himself with his hands, Sliding them across the floor which made him get a burn. He looked over at the male and grabbed his hands, Holding one to his heart to see how bad his heart was beating, And also keeping it their because they stung some.

Hajame looked over at the male and bit his lower lip hard, His swallowed and looked down.* "S-Sorry... I did not see you.. Their." He said softly, His voice kind Famine like a girls, He looked back up over at the boy and winced some looking at his hands and seeing that they where red and had some skin piled off of them*
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 158d 5h 43m 2s
Russell sighed leaving the office building with a slight sigh of irritation, he hated having to be here, and he hated his father for having such high standards of him. Closing his eyes he began to let his mind wander as he began to walk down the deserted street toward the dance studio he often went to clear his mind. Closing his eyes he let out yet another small breath and looked up at the starry night as he continued to walk, the sound of his shoes hitting the pavement, he moved raven colored hair from his eyes with a small sigh.

He turned the corner he often turned to when walking to the small dance studio, the building was usually unlocked considering they usually had late night visitors who really wanted to practice. He looked around and pushed open the door to the small building freezing as he stepped in, there was actually someone here, this late at night? Blinking he looked at the dancer, remaining frozen, the moves were so fluid, and put together, he became slightly entranced by the dance that he preformed in front of his unnoticed audience.

<Sorry It's not very good v.v>
  Russell / BlackRaiinxx / 10y 158d 5h 55m 39s
<Warning, I have a hundred things going on right now, so replies will be slow, and rather short T~T>
  Russell / BlackRaiinxx / 10y 158d 6h 2m 36s
[COOOL! XO Haha.]
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 158d 6h 7m 19s
<Alright got it :)!>
  Russell / BlackRaiinxx / 10y 158d 6h 12m 19s
[OK..M RATED THEN! MWAHAH! >:) Oh! I am starting off where Hajame is at the studio practicing late at night. ]
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 158d 6h 13m 13s
<i don't really mind either one oh and quick question, Where are we starting?>
  Russell / BlackRaiinxx / 10y 158d 6h 16m 31s
[Its cool. I'll start! :] Oh... Do you like like Time skip or PM'S... I like M rated. Aha.]

Hajame finished off his dance with slight irritation curving his brow. His dancing had been beautiful, even flawless to one who did not have a trained eye when it came to dancers. But, to Hajame, he still had a long way to go before his dancing was great. He could feel the small flaws in his posture and form.
He pulled out of his stance, letting his arms fall to his sides. It was late, but he would practice at least two or three more times.
"I'll keep going until I get it completely right." he told himself, determined now to get his form perfect. "Here I go!" He turned towards one of the mirrors and looked straight at it so he could see how his beginning form was, He sighed softly and shook his head. "I'm never going to be the best of the best..." He said softly looking down and the shook his head again. "I can do this... I know I can." He said softly again and then started, Twisting and twirling in the big mirror room, Keeping his balance.*
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 158d 6h 18m 58s
<ehmmm.. you? it is you roleplay all things considered :) and sorry for late replies, my friend has me writing a Aragorn and Legolas yaoi for her.>
  Russell / BlackRaiinxx / 10y 158d 6h 22m 22s
[Its COOL! Haha. So who shall start?]
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 158d 6h 35m 40s

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