a demons wrath

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this is a tale of a kingdom almost as bad as the king that rules it he is a power hungry ruler who despisses the other races of the lands but there is hope the kings daughter who is in love witha demon named hakuta has been in love with him for a long time so she has gotten pregnaunt with the demons child but when her dad finds out she is to be inprisoned in the castle till her father decides to let her out hearing this hakuta starts rallying other races to attack the castle in order to set the princess free and end the kings terror


demons/humans needed
evil king-
hakuta's best friend-

and anyone else that can fit into the rp

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very nice :3
  Rou Xie / Squall_Leonhart152 / 9y 253d 12h 46m 14s
  hakuta / zerato / 9y 253d 12h 49m 33s
MS paint works wonders :3 like.. 30 second edits
  Rou Xie / Squall_Leonhart152 / 9y 253d 12h 51m 6s
one sec need to resize image
  hakuta / zerato / 9y 253d 12h 52m 12s
seems interesting.. only character i have made right now i use a lot.. and is made more for a fighting role. but i could work with her.
  Rou Xie / Squall_Leonhart152 / 9y 253d 12h 55m 1s
anyone wanna join...
  zack futta / zerato / 9y 253d 12h 57m 34s

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