When He Came Back

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Mayla was your average girl with her friends and family and everything was going well for her. Most importantly she had him. ______ was her best friend, they were always seen together and she was never happier, until that night. That night _____ didn't answer any calls on his cell and he didn't come home, neither did he come to school the next day or the day after infact he was missing for 6 months. In that time Mayla missed him dearly and she cried most of the time, she pulled away from her friends and closed herself off from her family. "She a freaking walking corpse!" That was normally what was shouted as she walked by that's the day she bumped into someone. She looked up and it was _____, at first they didn't speak, then all he said was, "I'm so sorry.." where was he? What is he? Will she forgive him? Will they fall in love? Will she trust him? He will have to make it up to her when he comes back.


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Hey Love^^
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