wrath of corruption

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....my name is mephilis darkfire... there was a time when i worked for vader and the empire but after a assault lead by the rebels and the destruction of the station i was branded ...a heretic ...a traitor to the empire so i was imprisioned on the mining facililty of kessel but little did the empire and rebels now i would escape now i want justic to both the empire and rebellion i know have vehicles the empire has never seen and ships the rebels have never heard of ...ill lie bribe steal and cheat to get what i need and make them all pay judgement is coming my wrath of corruption is on its way.....
darkfire corruption

galactic empire

rebel allaince


accepted characters
name:mephilis darkfire
weapon:enhanced shotgun
bio:mephilis is the leader of corruption and will not stop till the empire and rebels by for the fact of what they did to him

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