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Stella was happy for her best frined_____ He was in love with stella best friend____ They were happy with each other,but stella couldnt help but feeel left out,And juist when things couldnt get worste they did Her guy best friend start to fall for her and stella fell rihgt back for him.But what happens when his girlfriend finds out?

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Amy giggled some and shook her head. "I told you already. Rob Zombie's Halloween Two," she said to her still smiling some.
  Amy Rose / fallynangel / 10y 160d 16h 58m 4s
"what moive we watching?" she ask them both
  stella / bleedingheart94 / 10y 160d 17h 2m 24s
Damian hugged Amy close to him. He rested his head on her sholder.
  Damian Shin / Gezmo / 10y 160d 17h 5m 17s
Amy sat in his lap again smiling. "Come on Stella!" she yelled into the kitchen for Stella. The movie would be starting soon and she didn't want to watch it without Stella in the room. It would be unfair.
  Amy Rose / fallynangel / 10y 160d 17h 7m 14s
Stella walked back out.She had wrip the tears away.She sat down by amy and D on the couch.
  stella / bleedingheart94 / 10y 160d 17h 7m 48s
Damian sighed. He stood up and took the DVD from her. He walked over to the tv and put it in. He grabbed the remote and hit play waitting for it. Soon he was back over to her and sat next to her.
  Damian Shin / Gezmo / 10y 160d 17h 10m 42s
99i dont know let me see oh i doin an rp with him one min00
  stella / bleedingheart94 / 10y 160d 17h 14m 27s
<<where is Gezmo?>>
  Amy Rose / fallynangel / 10y 160d 17h 17m 11s
Amy looked at Stella and girls always knew how others felt. Amy just didn't know why Stella was upset really. Amy reached on the table and got out of Damian's lap. She sat next to him smiling and handed him the DVD. "Put it in sweetie," she said to him smiling sweetly.
  Amy Rose / fallynangel / 10y 161d 16h 29m 28s
"yeah im fine just need some food.go head and put the moive in" She saids to her two frineds.she gets up and walks away to the kitchen,they ask her all the time if she was ok but she was not goin to tell her best frined amy that she was in love with her other best friend boyfrined
  stella / bleedingheart94 / 10y 161d 16h 41m 15s
Amy looked at Stella also and was worried she wasn't okay. She waited for Stella to answer the question that Damian had asked her. She took a hold of Damian's hands some and held them in her lap.
  Amy Rose / fallynangel / 10y 161d 17h 35m 9s
Damian smiled then rested his head on her shoulder. He smiled softly at her. D looked over at Stella. "You okay?" He hopped her was not totally killing her by doing this.
  Damian Shin / Gezmo / 10y 161d 17h 40m 10s
Amy giggled again as she sat on his lap. He was so romantic and cute sometimes. It was no wonder she loved him so much. He was the best boyfriend anyone could ask for. She kissed his cheek then quickly drew back in fear she was upsetting Stella by doing couple stuff in front of her.
  Amy Rose / fallynangel / 10y 161d 17h 44m 56s
"Thats a great movie." He hugged her softly and pulled her on to his lap. He did not care if Stella was going to yell at him about this. He smiled and held her close.
  Damian Shin / Gezmo / 10y 161d 17h 48m 18s
Amy gave a slight nod to him and smiled up at him as she got closer to him. They made a cute couple, in her eyes. They were different but they had their similarities. They liked the same music and movies. "Let's watch Rob Zombie's Halloween Two next, I really wanna see it," she said to them both.
  Amy Rose / fallynangel / 10y 161d 17h 52m 58s

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