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paraworld is a vast continent that has creates from prehistory all the way to the ice age there are clans of humans liveing on the island for protection they capture and train these wild creatures the clans are made up of three groups

first is the "norseman" They are very much like the European barbarins called "Vykkings." They even get their name directliy from the group. The Norse men's calvary consists almost entirely of preistoric manmals rather than dinosaurs.
The norsmen were the first faction to be founded in the paraworld, and have ever since relied on heavy armour and strong defenses. Probably the least moblile of all the clans, the norsemen are designed for defense; being a slow faction, they are the least adaptable. the best the got is triceratops titan

2nd is the dustriders, The Dustriders are most similar to African or Middle Eastern tribes on Earth, and are the most mobile of the three clans. They also utilize dinosaurs as mounts and heavy cavalry the most They use the powerful Tyrannosaurus Titan.

and last but not least the dragon clan
The Dragon clan are the most advanced of the factions, and seem to be based on old Asian customs. They are a very secretive faction, relying on stealth, traps and espianage against against advesaires to survive. Even the other tribes of the paraworld know little of the Dragon Clan, as most explorers who have ventured into Dragon clan territory never return. The Dragon clan are the only faction to have access to traps and are masters of the sea.


ok here is the skeleton if you would like to jion

creature at side:


accepted characters:
name:zack kite
clan:dust riders
creature at side:allosaurus
weapon:hand cannon
bio:zack is a strong hearted warrior of the dust rider clan he leads the allosaurus search partyif there is danger they have backup from the tyrannosaurus titan,zack also has a secret that could end his life if it ever got spread to the lord of the dust rider clan

name: Elias Quilara
age: 18
wife/husband: N/A
children??: N/A
clan: Dust Riders
creature at side:
weapon: A pair of one-handed swords
bio: Elias is a very silent member of her clan, though can be deadly depending on the opponent. She makes herself known basically as Zack's follower, however, mildly sisterly in terms of relationship

name: Jezebel "Jezzie" or "Belle"
age: 17
wife/husband: N/A
clan: Dustriders
creature at side: Carnotaurus
weapon: Double edged longsword.
bio: Quiet and reserved, but isn't afraid to speak her mind if she has an issue with something. A good fighter, but isn't usually in combat because of her age.

dragon clan members:

name:Kari Oyama
wife/husband: (secretly) Zack
creature at side: Her Loyal dragon since she was a child Aiko
weapon:Blades fans she always charries, and twin daggers, also whatever she can find
bio: Leader of the dragon clan, she secretly fell for zack of the dustriders clan but keeps their relationship a secret

clan:Dragon clan
creature at side:Komdo Dragon
weapon:Sword Katana
bio:Zeke is a fighter to the fullest and is willing to kill or assissinate anyone that tgets in his way. He is deadly and fast. may i join?

name: Wanderer
age: 19
wife/husband: N/A
children??: N/A
clan: Dragon Clan
creature at side: Unknown
weapon: Twin daggers
bio: Not a very strong fighter of her clan, but she was stealthy and cunning. She was most often used for these qualities.

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hey the three of us are friends right would you join this rp?? its based off a old book series

  zack kite / zerato / 9y 253d 11h 6m 12s
Yepp. !:)
  zack kite / zerato / 9y 253d 11h 19m 45s
hey anyone like lord of the ring? or stuff simular to it
  zack kite / zerato / 9y 253d 11h 20m 3s
Nice :) Do you listen to AFI?
mine are last resort and getting away with murder
  zack kite / zerato / 9y 253d 11h 21m 17s
Well, I like Papa Roach But AC/DC has a place with me.
naa im more of a papa roach fan
  zack kite / zerato / 9y 253d 11h 23m 51s
And Hiya!
hey im back
  zack kite / zerato / 9y 253d 11h 25m 20s
You HAVE TO listen to AC/DC NOW!!! Look up TNT by ACDC literally NOW!
O-O sorry i only listen to korean music XDD so i dont know many other bands O_O
  Kari Oyama / Animefan127 / 9y 253d 11h 26m 19s
:O You don't know ANGUS YOUNG?! Lead guitarist of AC/DC, backround vocals, co founder...NO BELLS?!
then shoot me cause im dead O-O
  Kari Oyama / Animefan127 / 9y 253d 11h 34m 38s

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