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If you like tea and a simple chat, heres a good place to be.

Rules of the tea house.

No fights. For the curtesy of others there is no role play fighting allowed. Please go to the colosseum to fight.

We do still have psychic services available, only through pms though.

Having trouble with the Paranormal?
Seeing ghosts and don't know why?
Having a troubled haunt and wish to get rid of it?
Want to improve your psychic skills and don't know where to start?

You have come to the right place.

I am Luna Grimm. All my life I have lived and experienced the paranormal day in and day out. I have learned from experience in the field as well from other psychic mediums. Even though I am still learning myself, I can help you with the best of my knowledge and ask an experienced medium your question and give you the right answer. As what I can help you with, I can help pin point the problem in house hold haunts and better help you how to rid of poltergeists. I can also contact long lost love ones. I can also help you strengthen your psychic skills and teach you new techniques. I do give readings .

My Apprentice is on to help anyone or get a hold of me when it is urgent as well as answer basic questions : Volden

Client Policy

WE do not give out, sell or tell any of our clients information as well as problems without consent of the client.

WE only help people with problems who are serious about their problems. Do not bring your friends for shits and giggles thinking its alright to do so. This is a serious business and we like to keep it that way.

As far as prices go, they very. Always....ALWAYS before you ask us any questions, ask us how much your case will cost.

If you do not like talking to us in the chat box or the role play box, send us a PM about your case.

There are no refunds of any of our services.


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Roleplay Responses

Anyone still here? It's been so long since I've been around.
  volden / Volden / 47d 39m 42s
No. It's just a memory. One I like to revisit every so often.
  Shadow(human) / volden / 3y 80d 14h 23m 32s
Its cause you love this place :D Admit it, cause this place is epic.
  Kyle Aldrich / X-000 / 4y 168d 22h 25m 20s
Not sure how. But somehow I always find myself back here every now and again.
  Marcus & Fallen / volden / 4y 168d 23h 26m 36s
-Pokes a dead body. - I think I found my dead corpse....
  Kyle Aldrich / X-000 / 4y 193d 7h 12m 49s
Forever and a day...
I can see the cobwebs that grew in our absence
  Kaine Anderson / spare-robot-parts / 4y 215d 18h 5m 48s
*Walks in holding a can of paint, humming The Yellow rose of Texas.*
  Kyle Aldrich / X-000 / 5y 1d 14h 59m 13s
*peeks in* Mama?

*looks around shyly and bites the inside of my cheek lightly*
  GQ / _LittleBird_ / 5y 1d 18h 59m 27s
Hell yeah, its fun and I enjoy teaching the students.
  Kyle Aldrich / X-000 / 5y 115d 14h 43m 44s
Good for you! I bet you are having quite the time doing so.
  Luna Christina Grimm / KillerOfCoutureRed / 5y 115d 18h 32m 30s
I have been doing well, I have actually started working on becoming an instructor at my Job.
  Kyle Aldrich / X-000 / 5y 116d 17h 19m 17s
Indeed it does. How have you been X-000? I have been gone from here for so long...
  Luna Christina Grimm / KillerOfCoutureRed / 5y 116d 17h 59m 31s
*Walks in and bows to Queen Luna.* It looks nice and fresh.
  Kyle Aldrich / X-000 / 5y 116d 18h 2m 18s
*sits on her throne and brushes out her dress* About time I cleaned the Role Play posts in this.
  Luna Christina Grimm / KillerOfCoutureRed / 5y 116d 18h 15m 7s

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