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this is a place for your characters to face other people's characters

but please don't god mode the F*** out of your character if you have facts then it's not god modding, so if you have facts i will agnolidgke that and take your side but, please don't god mode seriously.

but post the characters you wanna use and i will add them.

thnx =^_^=


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Well there was some petty shit going on so u wanna fight
  Necron / deathblast101 / 9y 304d 11m 3s
Okay, no fights. Ref leaves...
  Nikk / Ryan / 9y 304d 12m 39s
Oh, alex and I were fucking with eachothers accounts xD
  Zin Reborn / zeek2356 / 9y 305d 23h 18m 29s
No I mean the gay one, scroll down.
  Awayuki Suzuki / Justinf900 / 9y 305d 23h 24m 27s
I had to post it to put this thread back onto my list. Someone keeps erasing everything.
  Zin Reborn / zeek2356 / 9y 305d 23h 51m 49s
What was up with that post zeek?
  Awayuki Suzuki / Justinf900 / 9y 305d 23h 53m 39s
  zeek2356 / 9y 306d 1m 15s
Noticing nobody answer to the call of a challenge, Ozdray frowned in disappointment. He was really hoping for a fighter to show courage to fight him
  Ozdray / Ghostdoc / 9y 306d 12h 32m 10s
  Nyla Eisenvald / nekoscythe / 9y 306d 22h 21m 33s
I am gay. I am coming out of the closet to tell you all this. I was raped yesterday and I enjoyed the cock up my ass it was so large and black. *Drools*
  ZETTA SLOW!!!! / Zeek2356 / 9y 306d 22h 51m 13s
Ozdray walked in and stood in front of the crowd. gazing at the warriors in the arena, Oxdray floated to the arena and dropped to ground level. He looked around and yelled out " anybody want to be my opponent?"
  Ozdray / Ghostdoc / 9y 306d 23h 32m 52s
"oh, so you are not young huh, so can I call you granny then" Necron snickered with a small grin on his face. "And by the way do you know what the incurable disease Necrotic is" Necron said forming green and black misty stuff around his hand. Necron began to make it in both hands now covering most of his arms.
  Necron / deathblast101 / 9y 307d 5h 51m 47s
I'm game for a fight on this guy or Justin Janusz.
  Awayuki Suzuki / Justinf900 / 9y 307d 12h 55m 7s
Nyla laughed. "I'm truly flattered that you think I'm so young." She said in a light voice as she swept Alucard from her back. "And my sword Alucard does so love to return the sleep of death to tired undead bones." She continued and easily hefted the massive six foot greatsword.
  Nyla Eisenvald / nekoscythe / 9y 307d 16h 20m 31s
Nercon peers at Nyla smirkingly with his deeming red eyes shooting through Nyla like a Prestige Long Sword. "Hey there young girl, so you want to fight huh hehehehehehehehe" Necron pulled his sword Necrod out of his sheath and pointed it in the direction of Nyla and twirled it once for the fun of doing it. "I would like to see you move little one and remember Life and Death work as well as me and my UnDead" Necron shoved Necrod into the ground and took off his right hand glove reviling a skeletal hand as strong as 158 minotaurs.
  Necron / deathblast101 / 9y 307d 16h 30m 46s

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