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Nolan was a very cocky guy. He thought that he could get anyone he wanted. A lot of the girls and guys at his school liked him. Everyone except for _______. He was so use to having people like him. He was determined to get ________ to like him. But then he begins to fall for ______. Will _______ fall for him too or will he leave Nolan in the dust?

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Nolan followed Lawful down to the meadow. He grinned at him. "Not all girls." He whispered into Nolan's ear as he smiled. "Are you into all girls?" He asked deviously.
  Nolan / icheo / 10y 44d 9h 1m 53s
"so you all into girls" HE said to him.Wanting to know more about him,he grad his hand and thou him thou the treea that lead to mewdow
  Lawful drug / bleedingheart94 / 10y 44d 13h 56m 9s
Nolan followed Lawful closely behind as he thought about Lawful's question. "I'm not sure...You're just kinda different I guess." He replied smiling. There were other reason's why he was interested in Lawful but he didn't want to come right out and say it.
  Nolan / icheo / 10y 45d 9h 16m 55s
"well tell me what has been drawing you to me?" He said as he looks at him,He keeps the smile of joy on him,why he ask he walked on to the medow
  Lawful drug / bleedingheart94 / 10y 47d 12h 37m 4s
Nolan grins at him. "Much better now." He says as he lets out a low laugh. It wouldn't be hard for him to break up with Lily, considering he has done it many times before.
  Nolan / icheo / 10y 47d 12h 40m 13s
"so how are you?" he said he saw lily and him fight
  Lawful drug / bleedingheart94 / 10y 47d 12h 51m 18s
Nolan smiled back at Lawful. "Sure. Why not?" He said grinning slightly. He thought he would be able to talk more now that they were alone.
  Nolan / icheo / 10y 47d 12h 55m 19s
"ok,well you want to walk with me?" He ask him witha smile.he was goin to play games now
  Lawful drug / bleedingheart94 / 10y 47d 13h 47s
Nolan didn't exactly know what to say. He couldn't just say 'oh I was following you because I wanted to know what you were up to.' Yeah, that would sound creepy. "I was trying to cool my mind. Lily was nagging at me so I had to get away." He replied smoothly. "I didn't know you were here." He lied.
  Nolan / icheo / 10y 47d 13h 14m 54s
"what in the hell are you doing?" He said.He was not goin to class foir the rest of the day,he didnt want get this boy in truoble.I mean who stays with a pain in the ass girl like that,He thought. "why are you here?"
  Lawful drug / bleedingheart94 / 10y 47d 13h 22m 30s
Nolan came out from behind the tree, laughing. "Kick my ass? I highly doubt that." He said. No one had ever wanted to fight him because everyone liked him or they were too afraid of him. He wasn't a bully but people knew not to get on his bad side which wasn't easy to do unless they constantly bugged him.
  Nolan / icheo / 10y 47d 13h 26m 51s
"hey you dont come out nolan ill kick your ass." He said,He stop in place.he put his shoulder bag down
  Lawful drug / bleedingheart94 / 10y 47d 13h 29m 3s
Nolan watched Lawful trying to keep quiet to see what he was doing. He hid behind a tree and waited for Lawful to keep walking. He didn't want to scare Lawful into thinking that he was some creepy stalker so he tried to stay hidden.
  Nolan / icheo / 10y 47d 13h 30m 51s
He hears noises from behide him. "who is there" he yell.Why he stop he was on his way to the medow
  Lawful drug / bleedingheart94 / 10y 47d 13h 34m 13s
Nolan watched as Lawful walked away towards the woods. When Lawful was out of sight he grabbed Lily's arm and stopped her from shouting. "Shut up! Please shut up!" He shouted at her. He abruptly stood up and walked out of the school towards the woods, trying to find Lawful.
  Nolan / icheo / 10y 47d 13h 37m 14s

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