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Sarah and -- have been best friends since they were little. -- Loved her ever since. He had so many chances to tell her he loves her. But he didn't. He was too afraid of loosing his best friend.He watched her move from boyfriend to boyfriend, and he was the only one to comfort her. Now it's the last year of high-school, before they go off to collage. Will he tell her before it's too late?


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Sighing once more she then saw him coming into her view. That brought a smile to her face. They were best friends and she was always with him whenever she wasn't with her boyfriend Jake.

Closing her locker as he neared her she turned to him. "Hey" she replied as he said hey. "Oh it's fine I don't mind waiting, that's just less time that we get to spend with each other but oh well" she said jokingly as she shrugged her shoulders.

Sarah liked her boyfriend but he tried hard to make her say she loved him. She never did though. She has never told anyone she loved them, she wasn't even sure if she knew was love is.

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"I'm late!!!" Sam gasp as he ran around the house trying to find his grey hoody. His mother was in the kitchen cooking breakfast when she heard him yelling.

"It's in the laundry room!" She sighed and shook her head. She loved her son to death but he was always running late for something.

Sam went into the laundry room and saw it hanging over a clothes line. He snatched it and he ran out as he put it on. He ran right into his sister who pushed him.

"Watch where you are going!" She yelled. He just kept going and he ran to the kitchen and grabbed a handful of bacon, causing his mom to yell but he slipped his shoes on and grabbed his bag.

"Okay I love you bye!" He said real fast and ran out of the house towards the school.


When he got to school he was munching on a piece of bacon. He walked inside and he saw Sarah up by their lockers. He smiled at her as he walked up. "Hey!" He waved and held the bacon between his teeth as he fought to get his locker open. He was actually trying to avoid the fact that he won't be able to see her much after they graduate. It made him sad. He cared a lot about Sarah. But he had to leave for college not long after they graduate. They will have some of the summer to spend together but most of the time he had to get ready to move to campus. "Sorry I'm late." he grabbed a book and closed the locker. He took the bacon and munched on it.
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Her hair was flowing behind her as she walked into the school. She couldn't wait to see her best friend. They always hang out, most people thought they were together but they were mistaking. She stood by a tree as her eyes scanned the area looking at everyone that was talking about their summers. Sarah and Sam didn't have to talk about that. They mostly spent their summer together.

It's the last school year they have together until they have to go to collage. Sarah was sad that she'd have to loose her best friend. But hopefully they can still kept in touch but she doubted it. Still waiting for her friend she folded her arms across her chest and tapped her foot looking at her clock on her phone. It read seven-thirty. Tapping her foot more she waited for her friend.

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