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Sarah and -- have been best friends since they were little. -- Loved her ever since. He had so many chances to tell her he loves her. But he didn't. He was too afraid of loosing his best friend.He watched her move from boyfriend to boyfriend, and he was the only one to comfort her. Now it's the last year of high-school, before they go off to collage. Will he tell her before it's too late?

I want you to be literate and please post a paragraph so I can see you're literacy. Thanks!

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Sarah was about to answer her question. But she saw him give his seat up for a girl. That brought a smile to her face. He was always such a gentlmen and that's one of the reasons why they were best friends.

She figured he didn't want to know where Jake was and just ignored the question and headed out of the bus as she stepped out her and Darse already got stares. Ignoring them she just walked into the school and heading to the office to get her scedule. She wondered if they were going get the same classes.

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Seeing the bus, He watched as she got on first not waiting for him. He let a couple of people go in before he got on. Darse headed to the back of the bus, moving past people. He sat down beside Sarah.

It was a surprise to him. Jake was not around. He wanted to punch him sometimes. Jake always called him a fag because he was not a tough guy with a lot of pride. Also he was kind to gay men.

"So where is your byufriend?" Darse asked. He honestly did not care about the answer. He was content that he was alone with Sarah for once, without feeling anger. Darse saw a woman standing close to them, holding on to the metal bar. He stood up, giving his seat to the lady. Darse was a gentleman. All the girls loved him, as a friend. Finally at their stop, Darse headed up to the front and hopped off the bus.
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the wind was getting slightly stronger as she waited for Darse. She liked Darse but not in the way he wanted. She had no idea of him liking her but Jake knew. Jake drove to school not picking up Sarah because he figured he'd leave them two alone for once. Jake liked to pick on Darse calling him a fag and all.

Sarah hated it when all her boyfriends always call Darse names, but lucky for her right now Jake wasn't there. She saw Darse coming into her view as it brought a smile to her face. She nodded "No it's fine, I haven't been waiting long" she replied as she saw the buss come to them. That too brought a smile to her face.

As the buss stopped Sarah quickly went onto the bus and to the back, she was cold and couldn't wait to get onto the bus. She didn't wait for Darse because she was really cold and wanted to get somewhere warm. Although she saved a seat next to her for Darse.

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Darse walked slowly. He pushed through the wind. These windy days were getting tiring. Darse worse slightly tight baggy blue jeans, a white tee with a black hoddie zipped up tight. He knew Sarah was waiting for him. He was late, but he had a good reason as to why.

His little sister had to get to school and their father was nowhere in the house. Instead of bitching and complaining about it or even calling his father, He got her ready and took her to school himself, which meant he would also have to pick her up.

He was finally close to the bus stop. He could see Sarah against a tree holding on. She always wore something light and tight. Darse shook his head. She must be could. He hurried now to her.

"Hey sorry I took long, had to drop off my sister", he said. Darse wanted to hold her, keep her warm. But She had a boyfriend, Jake. He did not like Jake. In fact he did not like anyone she was with. They all screwed her over in the end. No to mention, he had loved this girl for a long time now. He just never had the guts to tell her.
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Sarah Night was her name. A 18 year old girl, last year of high-school. Who knows what would happen. But for now it's school and hanging with her best friend --- and her boyfriend Jake. Jake and Sarah has been together a month now. They met over summer vacation. Knowing already that --- didn't like her boyfriend she still dates him. Her pace was nice and slow. The wind was roaring as she could hear it through her ears. Her hair whipping behind her barley making it able to walk.

It was a very windy day, it had been like this for a few days now. She had to wait for her best friend. They were supposed to meet each-other at the bus station. She was glad they didn't have to walk in this weather. Holding onto the tree she held onto it but tried hard to make it look like she wasn't gripping on with her life. She failed. Holding onto the tree she looked around, no sign of ---. A small impatient sigh escaped her lips as she looked around for him.

He was supposed to be here ten minutes ago she thought as she looked at her watch which sat on her right wrist. She was wearing a light pink sweater and some long skin tight jeans. No matter the weather Sarah always wore skin tight clothing. Her bust size was a double d. Most people were jealous and she thinks that's why most guys date her. There wasn't a guy she dated that didn't try and get her into bed.

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