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Sarah and -- have been best friends since they were little. -- Loved her ever since. He had so many chances to tell her he loves her. But he didn't. He was too afraid of loosing his best friend.He watched her move from boyfriend to boyfriend, and he was the only one to comfort her. Now it's the last year of highschool, before they go off to colloge. Will he tell her before it's too late?


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Still waiting for Kory to get there Sarah was tapping her foot imationtly. Then out of no where Kory snuck past her and taped her shoulder with a slight 'boo' that scared her to where she jumped.

Turning to him she smiled. "oh hey, yea I'm ready" she said knowing he probably was looking for her for a while. With slight yawn she covered her mouth as she did. She was very tired, she stayed up last night watching movies with her boyfriend who made her.

She knew that Kory didn't like Jake but he never really liked anyone she dated. Although he doesn't date much either so he could just be jealous. Bringing her hand down and to her side she smiled to him. "Alright let's go" she said with another yawn and then walked with him to school.

Didn't know if you want me to put walked or took the bus but if you want I can change it.
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Sorry, wrong RP. xD I have three going right now.

Kory smiled in the direction of the female. Of course, she was flirting with hi, like she'd get something in return, but a chaste smile was the only thing to slip onto Kory's lips. He was painfully hard to get to. Most women gave up on him. Except for Her, of course, who'd hung out with him all summer. That was fine with him though. If he and Sarah weren't already close enough, it was almost like they were related now. He smiled at the thought of all the past summer events. Images of cute girls , bars, and the beautiful sight of Ben and Jerry's filled his mind. Letting out a meaningful sigh, he finished scribbling on her napkin, folded it into a paper football, and flicked it at the girl giving him looks. It read: . The look on her face had him holding back laughter while he left.

Laughing all the way toward the school, he was also filled with another saddening thought. This would be the last year they would be in school together. He would be moving on after this. he thought desparately. He knew after school he would be going to start work right away with a child care organization. His thoughts angled off at the sight of Sarah's blond, nearly white, hair. He snuck quietly across to his friend and merely tapped her shoulder. "Boo," He whispered, snickering a little.

"You ready then Sarah? I've been looking for you for a while now..." Kory teasingly, snickering again a few short seconds later. "I'm telling you, you need to organize yourself better." Boy wasn't that a lie. Out of the two of them, Sarah was the hurricane that ran through a room leaving it spotless.
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Her hair was flowing behind her as she walked into the school. Right now she was single, she couldn't wait to see her best friend. They always hang out, most people thought they were together but they were mistaking. She stood by a tree as he eyes scanned the area looking at everyone that was talking about their summers. Sarah and -- didn't have to talk about that. They mostly spent their summer together.

It's the last school year they have together until they have to go to collage. Sarah was sad that she'd have to loose her best friend. But hopefully they can still kept in touch but she doubted it. Still waiting for her friend she folded her arms across her chest and tapped her foot looking at her clock on her phone. It read seven-thirty. Tapping her foot more she waited for her friend.

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Hey, it was this plot right?!
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