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I am bored and want to rp!!!

Real pictures
Semi lit to lit
NO ditching!!!

We can come up with something.

Pm me if you wanna do a one on one.


I will only do romance rps. I will do a girlxgirl and a girlxboy. I ONLY PLAY GIRLS!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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I am no longer roleplaying on elite skills if you wish to continue this roleplay or continue roleplaying with me. You can e-mail me @
  premiepower94 / 9y 253d 7h 9m 5s
The bus ride was uneventful and being so slow Kyle found himself slowly drifting into sleep. In a last ditch effort to stay awake he took off his jacket and waited for the bus to pull into school
  Kyle / Silentsparrow / 9y 253d 10h 38m 56s

When the bus hit the bump Sarah jumped slightly. She just sighed and then looked at him and then too the front of the bus. She wasn't sure if they were getting the same classes or not but that would be great for her. Although they spend every second together littrally.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 256d 2h 56m 44s
The bus hit a bump Kyle looked at her again "fair enough" he looked out the frount of the bus clearly tired he leaned back and shut his eyes breathing in an out
  Kyle / Silentsparrow / 9y 256d 3h 47m 0s

She shurgged not really knowing what she wanted to take. "Ah, I maybe" she said blank minded.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 256d 23h 58m 33s

Kyle took one look at her and said "Alright what do you want to take?
  Kyle / Silentsparrow / 9y 257d 3h 53m 27s

Sarah smiled and sighed putting her backpack on her lap as she turned to him to speak. "No, we haven't even gotten to school yet. They don't send them in the mail" she said with a slight laugh as she then looked down at her bag.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 257d 5h 29m 10s
She took the first available seat on the bus and I sat next to her "soo did you get your your schedule yet?" wondering if they have a similar class
  Kyle / Silentsparrow / 9y 257d 5h 36m 5s
She smiled and walked onto the bus it didn't have many people in it. She then sat down in the first seat avalible and there was a seat avalible next to her for him.
  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 258d 18m 37s
The bus comes and the doors open and I say "Would you like to go first mi lady?"
  Kyle / Silentsparrow / 9y 258d 19m 54s
Yes please.
  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 258d 24m 40s
do you want me to make a new post?
  Kyle / Silentsparrow / 9y 258d 25m 22s
Okay I edited it I was thinking she had a boyfriend but I just remembered she didn't lol sorry.
  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 258d 29m 12s
  Kyle / Silentsparrow / 9y 258d 31m 57s
ooc-My mind is blank sorry. erase the part where Jake came up alright?
  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 258d 32m 53s

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