Rp anyone!?

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I am bored and want to rp!!!

Real pictures
Semi lit to lit
NO ditching!!!

We can come up with something.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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I can not and will not role-play on this site anymore sorry! I'm deleting my account if I can, and I'm deleting all the rp's I've made sorry if I disappoint you.
  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 255d 5h 48m 29s
"he then texted back meet me at my place i got something for you.
  Zeke / kiddrock / 9y 255d 10h 23m 30s

Sarah then text him "I broke up with my boyfriend" she hit send then sat there in her room.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 256d 6h 50m 37s
He was left behind and felt sad and decide to walk home! he finally got home and climed into bed thinking about the night! He kinda let a smiel slip when he tought of the kiss!
  Zeke / kiddrock / 9y 256d 7h 13m 33s

She looked at him confused, "Why not?" she asked looking at him. Then she sighed remembering her boyfriend and then got back into the car and drove off to her boyfriends. She wanted to break up with him but didn't want to do it in person so she just text him.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 256d 7h 15m 23s
He the leaned away and shook his head. "we cant do this im sorry!' he looked at her and frowned "im so sorry!"
  Zeke / kiddrock / 9y 256d 7h 17m 33s

She shrugged and kissed him more as she leaned onto the car as she did. Wrapping her hands around his neck. She completely forgot about her boyfriend Jake.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 256d 7h 19m 43s
He smiled and kissed her more. He smiles and askes "What do you want to do?" he looked at her !
  Zeke / kiddrock / 9y 256d 7h 21m 1s

She smiled and looked at him all she did was bring her finger under his chin lifting it up and kissed him.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 256d 7h 23m 51s
He leaned back feeling force he couldnt explain. He leaned in and kissed her gently and pulled away quike. "Im sorry i did that!" he let go and looked down.
  Zeke / kiddrock / 9y 256d 7h 25m 48s

She smiled as she looked at it, "Thanks!" she said happily looking at him and hugged him.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 256d 7h 27m 11s
He looked down and got a ring that he bought for her Bithday out his pocket and took her hand and slipped it on. It was pure diamond and he said in a low voice "Happy b-day Sarah!"
  Zeke / kiddrock / 9y 256d 7h 30m 6s

Sarah looked at him and rolled her eyes, "Get up off you're knees, and yes I forgive you" she said and opened the car and leaned against it looking at him.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 256d 7h 34m 7s
soory wrong pic
  Zeke / kiddrock / 9y 256d 7h 36m 46s
"I love you Sarah always have im sorry for making you mad at the park that was just out of saddness and anger!" He got on his knees and begged for forgivness
  Zeke / kiddrock / 9y 256d 7h 37m 1s

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