Friendship to Love? (guy needed)

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Sarah and -- have been best friends since they were little. -- Loved her ever since. He had so many chances to tell her he loves her. But he didn't. He was too afraid of loosing his best friend.He watched her move from boyfriend to boyfriend, and he was the only one to comfort her. Now it's the last year of highschool, before they go off to colloge. Will he tell her before it's too late?

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So if you wanna e-mail me real quick you can just say it's you and I'll reply to the role-play.
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No just personal reasons.
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Okay, but may I ask why your leaving ES? Sorry if I'm being rude by asking.
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I am sorry I will no longer roleplay on elite skills anymore. If you wish to continue this rp we can do it through e-mail.
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As the slap sounded threw the lunch room, valentine turn around of of habbit. Laughing a tad as he saw Sarah, standing and walking away, Valentine saunter over to Jake, "Wow, jack guess she doesn't like you too much." He stated messing up his name, to insult him more. Valentine fliped the two finger salute to Jake before he ran to catch up with Sarah, "What happened, Sarah?" He asked concerned.
  Valentine / ZombiesAreReal / 9y 254d 22h 13m 56s

Sarah wanted to pull away but Jakes grip was forceful. Finally she pushed him away and slapped him. Jake, as stupid as he is had no idea what he did. Sarah just then told him 'were through' and just walked off.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 256d 8h 20m 30s
All Valentine could really do was smile as sweet as he could, while the girl he had been in love with since he was five kissed another man. "That's lovely, I should get out of your hair." The raven haired male said as he waved goodbye to the two. As his back was turned to them, he could help, but to mumbled curses at Jake.
  Valentine / ZombiesAreReal / 9y 256d 19h 43m 50s

Jake glared just watching him and when he asked what they were doing before Sarah could answer he spoke up. "Were spending the day after school together" he said and kissed Sarah's mouth before she could protest.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 257d 7h 56m 42s
"Sorry, I didn't come back to frist or third. I got really distracted at home." He apologized and some what explained the reasoning to Sarah. Opening his bag Valentine sorted threw it trying to find his bottle of water. Once his hand locked on it, he looked back up at Sarah and then to Jake. "He's really not even paying attention to her." He complained to himself. So, what are you doing after school?" He asked sarah knowing what the anwser probably was.
  Valentine / ZombiesAreReal / 9y 257d 20h 5m 29s

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