The Strangeness of It All 1x1 Boy Needed

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Mutants and Humans walk the earth completely at ease, Nova is one of these mutants with new emerging powers it all started when she was attacked by a group of boys her skin changed and grew shiny and at the end of the tramsformation she became a wolf covered in thick metal armour her powers are unstable and she is on the move wary of what her powers could do if she ever lost control.

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Human or Mutant ?:

Name: Novemeber
Age: 16
Human or Mutant ?: Turn into a metal plated wolf summon energy surges

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Nova took his hand steadying herself to him her skin would of been usually warm because to the hot metal plates she would cool, down after a few minutes but for now she felt like a boiler
  Novemeber(human) / blindbandit / 10y 158d 5h 44m 47s
winter stuck out his hand to help her up. he looked over at a tree and saw a deer run by. Winter smiled and the sun whats shinning. he waited for her to see if she would let him help her.
  Winter / tesseron / 10y 159d 13h 58m 26s
Nova quickly rolled to her feet attempting to hide a stagger "yes im fine i just fell" she muttered trying to cover up her powers un like him she had no idea that he was a mutant
  Novemeber(human) / blindbandit / 10y 159d 17h 57m 51s
Winter heard a small scream come from were she dissappered. Winter ran to the spot, he saw her laying on the floor and he got down on one knee and ask "are you ok". he looked at her like their was nothing wrong, but he knew this isn't an average girl.
  Winter / tesseron / 10y 159d 22h 21m 57s
Nova watched him from a distance in wolf form her insides heaving as she started to shift back to human form again letting out a small scream she lay shivvering in the grass panting her limbs aching from the constant changing "when will this stop?" he asked herself
  Novemeber(human) / blindbandit / 10y 159d 22h 29m 31s
winter stands their confused. "what just happened?" he looked over at the trees. he sighed heavily as the wind started to pick up. he started to slowly walk back to the bench he was sitting at.
  Winter / tesseron / 10y 159d 22h 31m 22s
Nova darted away faster than the average human "no it wont" she exclaimed breaking into a run her fingers tingling with energy as she darted behind some trees shifting
  Novemeber(human) / blindbandit / 10y 159d 22h 34m 32s
winter stood up from the bench and walked towards her. the sky started to turn cloudy and he started to walk. he looked at her wondering why she was in a panic. he finally gets to her and places his hand on her shoulder and says "is everything ok?" he smiled at her and the sun started to show again.
  Winter / tesseron / 10y 159d 22h 36m 36s
Nova walked strait past him panicing as her skin itched underneath she could feel the metal plates surfacing her power on another uncontrollable outburst from a shock she got from running into an old woman with her shopping she glanced at Winter hoping she wouldnt shift right infront of him
  Novemeber(human) / blindbandit / 10y 159d 22h 41m 33s
winter was sitting on a park bench, the sun was shinning. he thinks to him self "what a beautiful day it is." he looks up at the sky. he looks over and notices this girl with blond hair and very interesting makeup in the corners of her eyes. he cocks his head in confusion but then shrugged it off.
  Winter / tesseron / 10y 159d 22h 45m 8s
sure go ahead :) you may start if you want)
  Novemeber(human) / blindbandit / 10y 159d 22h 48m 56s

name: winter
age: 17
Human or mutant ?: controls the weather that depends on his mood.
  Winter / tesseron / 10y 159d 22h 50m 35s
please join)
  Novemeber(human) / blindbandit / 10y 159d 23h 13m 41s

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