A chat for my friends =^_^=

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if you are my friend or want to be my friend go ahead and join


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Roleplay Responses

  boredum 2 / Arshtat / 9y 260d 5h 20m 12s
This is intresting, the place died o-o
  HeartBreaker :Stressed: / HeartBreaker / 9y 296d 2h 38m 29s
  Experiment #0 / deathblast101 / 9y 306d 14h 55s
..keh im bored. got anything for me to join on here?
  Tai Kuzomo / Ghostdoc / 9y 306d 14h 3m 57s
Yea i know
  Experiment #0 / deathblast101 / 9y 306d 14h 4m 50s
ROFL its making me laugh so hard! kevan needs a new hobby
  Tai Kuzomo / Ghostdoc / 9y 306d 14h 16m 31s
  boredum 2 / Arshtat / 9y 309d 2h 13m 25s
*sighs* It's fine.

*goes to a corner and sits there with my head in my hands thinking.
  boredum 2 / Arshtat / 9y 309d 2h 16m 2s
Yawns,sleeping in a tree.
  Corine :Kai's helper: / HeartBreaker / 9y 309d 2h 18m 20s
Yea we don't always have posting time
  Experiment #0 / deathblast101 / 9y 309d 2h 20m 13s
sorry we transferred classes and i guess we got a little busy in our school work
  Tai Kuzomo / Ghostdoc / 9y 309d 3h 32m 59s
;/ you guys died.
  Akira Yumato / vampire girl / Arshtat / 9y 309d 3h 43m 45s
>>.<< * runs around the room hyper as hell like im chaseing a laser light and crashes in to the wall then gets up and shakes it off and starts running around the room again*
  Lehas / Arshtat / 9y 309d 4h 2m 4s
o.o - puts out a ball of yarn-
  Syndrome X273 / Ghostdoc / 9y 309d 4h 4m 36s
* bites my tail*

=@W@= hyppppper -.- ugh i cant figure out why im so friggin hyper =>~<=!!
  Lehas (neko form) / Arshtat / 9y 309d 4h 16m 9s

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