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(i This is a continuation of the Elite Skills RP Guide. The RP outline below should help anyone create a well structured role play that is understandable. It will promote creativity, originality, and organization. If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, please let me know and I will answer to the best of my ability: HERE.


Create titles that are short and catchy. If you are walking through a library and you see two books, one labeled, 'Death's Advocate,' and the other labeled, 'The Deadly Advocate of Hell,' which one are you going to choose? Obviously, the first one. The two books could be exactly about the same thing, but 99% of the time, a person will choose the shorter title, quite simply because it is easy to say and keep in memory. This does not mean that you can't have long titles. It simply means that it is advised that you don't since people do have short attention spans. And, whether we like it or not, people do judge a book by its cover.


Your introduction should be about any information a role player would need to know to post. Start with a brief history of the world they are about to enter and leave off where the first post will take place. Do not tell what any secret organization is planning. That is for you to know and for them to find out.

Seperate your main points into paragraphs like this. When your entire plot is bundled up into one large summary without any breaks for the eyes, it has the tendency to be skimmed over. Keep each point very concise. Only include major points and don't be afraid to be stingy on the details here. Save all of your literary tools such as metaphors, similies, and personification for your actual writing. This doesn't mean don't be creative. It just means to hold back a little. Keep it all organized and simple.

An acceptable introduction will include the who, what, where and when. Never tell why something is happening if it is a key figure in your story. The occasional debriefing of a why is acceptable only if it is why something came to be in the past. However, if this why is supposed to be secret, then don't tell it and then say, "but they don't know this." It is better to just not let anyone know but yourself.


notes: Your notes will be about specific setting information in the role play. It will include information about where the characters will start, what they initially have available to them, and the general laws of the world. This would be the area for your restraints and releases.

rules: Your rules should be about the length and quality of the posts and that is it. You don't need to include a long list of rules such as, 'no g-modding,' and the such. This is common knowledge. Rules should be things that a person doesn't already commonly know.

characters: When you are asking for a character log from people, do not ask for every detail about them. You do not need to know their height weight, ethnicity, or favorite color. All you really need to know is their name, age, and gender. This is simply so that you can keep a record of who all is in the role play, not so that you can get a peek at the entire history of this person. If the role player who created their character can not describe them well enough so that a character log is actually needed, then they are not very talented in writing. It ruins the surprise of the character and in doing so, it ruins the surprise of the story.


This is area is exactly for what it is labeled as. Here, you will include any side notes and information that may not belong particularly in any of the categories above. It might be information about yourself or someone else. It is about anything. As my extra information for this thread, you should know that this is literally all you need to create a decent role play. Of course, by 'decent' I mean the organization. Your idea can still be really bad and all the structure in the world will not help you. You don't need more information than this, because you will be telling the story. If you have a tiny scroll bar that you can't even click, then you have already told the entire story and what is the point in even writing anymore? If you have no scroll bar at all, then you probably don't even have a story.)

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