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Be semi-lit to literate
Proper grammar
Real pictures
Romance is a must
Cybering is a no,

It has to be something with romance. I have a few things we could do, but I would like to hear you're ideas to.

To join post at least one Idea you have and I would like a post of you're literacy. Some people say they are literate but aren't so if you don't mind I'd like you to post a small paragraph just to show you're literacy. Thanks!

Girls-I will only play a girl so it would have to be a les rp. I have a few ideas of that too so anyone can join. If this rp is already taken by someone else just mail me I'd be glad to do more than one.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (500 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

"Oh alright" she said as she watched the girl as she picked something to wear. Sarah was wearing a pink v-neck tank-top and a mini skirt that went just below her butt. With three inch gold looking high heals. Looking at the girl she walked back inside leaving the padio door open. "Well there were some stuff around campus but I didn't have time to look, I wanted to get to my room and unpack." she said as she walked to her bed her high heals not making a sound against the carpeted room. Sitting on her bed she just watched Zaara as she looked her up and down then slightly looked away thinking it might be obvious she was staring at her.

Sarah's bust size was double d and you could easily see her cleavage with her shirt the way it is.

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Zaara laughed and shook her head. "I wouldn't know, I just got here as well." With a grin, she ran a hand through her long, brown hair. "We can go look around? Maybe find something to do?"

She walked back into the room and looked through her suitcase for a new set of clothes. "Are you up for it?" Zaara grabbed jeans and a sweater out of her bag, for the autumn crisp had seemed to arrive a little earlier this year. She had been planning on going out and exploring anyways. If she had Sarah come along, maybe it would be more fun?
  Zaara Maxwell / xLeenax / 9y 262d 19h 29m 18s

She smiled looking at the girl. She was a lesbian but most people like her friends and her mother and father thought she was straight but she wasn't. She never showed it either it was hard to tell if she was or not. Looking at the girl once more she then turned so her back was against the railing as she spoke. "So is there anything fun to do around here?" she asked not really caring what the word fun meant. She just wanted to do something other than sit here waiting for tomorrow to come.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 263d 3h 23m 48s
Zaara let out a small laugh and followed the girl. "Someone sure does." She smiled and looked around at the campus. She had the world at her fingertips. Probably not really, but it sure felt like it. It was going to be a hell of a year, Zaara would make sure of it.

She looked back at the girl and analyzed her. Sarah, was it? She tilted her head a little and smirked, actually really looking at her properly. She was beautiful. Long blonde hair flew down her back, her big bold brown eyes showing passion.
  Zaara Maxwell / xLeenax / 9y 263d 3h 35m 39s

Sarah was slightly shocked she'd get a roommate. Walking in she closed the door behind her and set her stuff down on the only bed that didn't have anything on it. "I'm Sarah" she replied. Looking past the girl she saw a balcony, "we have a balcony!" she exclaimed. She loved balcony's, mostly because you can overlook the whole Academy.

Walking out onto the balcony she left the sliding doors open and stepped near the railing as she looked at her with a smile. Then she figured today was a free day so she didn't have to hurry and run to class. No one knew she could sing, not even her parents. But she loved to sing although she never sang unless she was along. Or she thought she was alone.

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Zaara had already been in her new room, although she wasn't packing. Nobody could've ever been as excited as Zaara was today. Music was her passion. Her whole life had been devoted to it, and now; here she was in one of the top schools in the country. Her guitar-her best friend lay above her bed, just glimmering with the sunlight seeping in from the window beside her.

Her eyes twinkled and she strode up towards it, running her fingers along the perfect strings. Music glided across the room, and Zaara smiled in appreciation. Never once had she gotten tired of the sound.

The door opened, and Zaara looked up. A blonde girl stood in front of her, and Zaara smiled warmly and friendly. Setting her guitar down, she walked towards the girl. "Hi, I'm Zaara. You must be my roomate."
  Zaara Maxwell / xLeenax / 9y 264d 23h 1m 58s

Pulling up to the Academy she saw the gates and a big sign above reading "Lakewood Music Academy". She was still surprised she'd even made it in. She could sing and play piano, those were her two talents. She didn't know which to choose, she rarely sang in-front of people so she choose Piano for her talent. No one knows she could sing, not even the teachers.

A small sigh escaped her lips as she got out of the car. Her mother drove her yet she wasn't embarrassed like most teens would be. She didn't have friends and didn't have a boyfriend and she didn't care what people think. Her mother got out of the car and Sarah just stared at the gates of the Academy. Her mother sighed and closed the door of the car and got her bags out. "Bye sweetie" she said as she put the bags by Sarah and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and drove off nearly running over Selena's foot.

She didn't mind. With a happy sigh she grabbed her bags and headed into the gates of the school and into the office to get her key for her room. "The building on the right" the girl spoke plainly. Sarah took they key that said 'A1'. Then grabbing her bags once more she walked out of the office and headed to the dorms to get her stuff unpacked.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 264d 23h 9m 58s

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