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Be semi-lit to literate
Proper grammar
Real pictures
Romance is a must
Cybering is a no,

It has to be something with romance. I have a few things we could do, but I would like to hear you're ideas to.

To join post at least one Idea you have and I would like a post of you're literacy. Some people say they are literate but aren't so if you don't mind I'd like you to post a small paragraph just to show you're literacy. Thanks!

Girls-I will only play a girl so it would have to be a les rp. I have a few ideas of that too so anyone can join. If this rp is already taken by someone else just mail me I'd be glad to do more than one.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (600 character limit.)

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Dawn saw the look of confussion on Sarah's face. "I'm weird you will soon find that out." She smiled really big and leaned over slightly. Getting a good look of what was inside the box Sarah had. "I think thats the last box. My mom has the whole thing when its summer I have to read a book a week. To keep my mind open or something like that." Dawn shruged and rolled her eyes playfully.

After she had finshed off the boxes her room looked some what normal. Dawn sat on her bed and yawned. "Hmm I saw a starbucks on the way here. Wanna go get a good cup of coffee." She asked with a smile and nudged Sarah with her elbow.
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Sarah just smirked as she continued to unpack the box she had. Once that was done she got one more and it was full of books again. How many books does she have? she thought as she opened it up and started unpacking that one.

Looking at Dawn she smiled then she continued to unpack the boxes. She laughed slightly when Dawn said 'Wohoo fire power'. She wasn't sure what she meant by that.

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Dawn smiled and pulled out more books."Wohoo fire power!" She laughed and placed more books on the book shelf. Seeing the the box was clean and grabing another. Finding it was full of her bed sheets and stuff animals. PUlling out her favorite rainbow teddy bear. Hugging it softly befor walking over to her dresser. Placing it next to the mirror. Smiling as she walked back over to the bed. "Hey I know its the beginning of summer but does the school have a GSA club?" She asked slowly.

Picking up the sheets and putting them in her closet. Her eyes looking over at Sarah. Her brown hair falling over her eyes.
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She smiled with a slight laugh, "You're lucky, I'm a lesbian too but my parents don't approve of it so I can't hang out with girls... or anyone for that matter" she said looking at her "I'm just glad that you're parents told my parents that you're straight because now I finally have someone to hang out with" she said with a smile looking at Dawn. She is very pretty she thought as she looked at Dawn another time then snapped out of her staring at her then blushed and helped her out with the un-packing.

"Oh that's great," her mother said as they all went inside for some coffee.
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"Ok well my parents think I'm straight. But thats soooo a lie! Straight out of the closet. I'm a lesbain. Thing is all my friends eather bi or gay. At my old school all my guy friends were gay and all the girls I hung out with were eatcher bi or lesbian." She finally forced herself to stop talking. "And I guess you didn't want to know that." She blushed and walked over to her closet. Note to self: Don't ramble! She sighed and placed the pox on her bed.

Sppok then jumped up on the bed meowing. Walking over to Sarah. Rubbing up against her arm. "Oh and that would be Spook. My baby girl." She smiled and walked over to the cat tree. Spreading some cat nip on the tree and walking back over to the bed.
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With a nod of her head Selena started helping the girl unpack. She then nodded, "I'm Sarah" she replied as she then but some boxes by the dresser. There were only a few boxes, then walking to get a few more she grabbed a box and it was full of books. She didn't know if there was any order she would put the books in so she just put them in random order. She smiled as the girl said she was a bookworm. She continued to put the books onto Dawn's bookshelf.

Looking out the window she heard her mother say something about asking if the girl was a lesbian and that she didn't want her hanging out with a girl that is one. She shrugged it off then Dawn said that her mother and father didn't know anything about her. "What do you mean you're parents don't know you?" she asked slightly confused.
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Dawn looked over at the girl. Seeing she was standing in her door way. "Sure that would be nice. I'm Dawn by the way." She smiled and walked over to her closet. Opening it and pulling out a box that had been left. Droping it on the bed and getting another one. "If its full of clouths jut put it next to the dresser. I'll go threw them later." She smiled softly. Her brown curly mess of hair falling over her eyes.

Dawn quickly pulled it into a messy ponytail. Starting to open a book and seeing it was full of books. Reading the tittles as she pulled each one out. Then walking over to thee book shelf next to the window. Placing them in order befor going back to grab some more. "I'm a book worm." She chuckled and placed more books up.

Staring out the window befor walking back. Hearing the girls parents and letting out a laugh when she heard what her parents said. "Oh no our daughter is boy crazy. Straight as a board." Dawn walked over to the girl and smiled. "Hmm thats funny my parents don't even know me!" She shook her head and looked up at Sarah.
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Sarah blushed slightly as she saw the girl Wow she's beautiful she thought as she smiled just watching the girl. The two little girls walked in front of the girl and she gave a small hi and walked past them up the stairs. She wanted to help the girl unpack but she was unsure if the girl even liked her. She seemed to into unpacking then meeting her neighbors. Slowly her hand was running up the railing as she walked and she followed the girl into her room knowing the girl would probably yell at her for being in her room.

Standing in the doorway she gave a soft smile."Um, I was just wondering if you needed help with you're unpacking?" she asked as she stood there her hands behind her back as she then took her right hand bringing it to her shoulder as she pushed some hair behind her sholder and then some hair behind her ear as she let her arm drop just watching the girl. She didn't mean to stare at the girl but she couldn't help it, she then brang her gaze to look around the empty room seeing the girl looking out the window.

She probably startled the girl or frightened her, and probably got her mad. That was no way to start a friendship, or a relationship.

Outside her parents were talking to the girls parents, "You see Sarah, is a lesbian and we just wanted to make sure, you're girl wasn't. We don't approve of her being one so we try and keep her from lesbians and more around guys" Her mother spoke as she looked at the parents.
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Dawn was half way down the stairs when she saw a blonde girl walk into their house. "Umm hi." She smiled and walked up to her and introduce herslef. Her little sisters pushing infront of her to say hi. "Hi were Amanda and Jenny" The twin sang with a big smile on their face. Dawn just rolled her eyes and walked past them. Going outside to grab her things. Happy that the beds and big stuff had already been placed in the house yesterday.

"Amanda and Jenny already made a friend." She chuckled to her parents. Grabing a few small boxes and walking back inside. Going past the girl once more and into her room. Setting the boxes next her sleeping cat. When she looked down at what was marked on the boxes Dawn smiled. Spooks stuff! "Lucky you!" Dawn laughed and started to pull things out. Seeing the cat tree was already in place by the window.

Dawn then walked over to the window. Looking at the roof and seeing there was a short drop. If she wanted to sneek out she could.
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ooc-Sorry if it's long.

Sarah was a lesbian, simple as that. Of course her mother and father didn't approve of it. Although she was one she never actually kissed a girl or went out with one either. But she also rarely go to spend time with friends because her parents barley knows the friends she has. Staring out the window she saw a car pulling into the house next door. She figured they were just moving in since that house has been empty for almost a year now. She noticed a girl stepping out of the car and the mother, father, and two little girls. With a sigh she just sat there in her window pane and just stared out the window watching them move in.

Sarah's parents always thought that every girl she hung out with was a lesbian also and they didn't approve of her being one so they never let her hang out with her friends. A smile came across her face as she thought Maybe I can convince mom and dad the new girl isn't a lesbian and then we can hang out The only reason she thought this was because she was lownly, she doesn't have any friends anymore. She is always stuck in the house. She was wearing a normal pink tank-top and a denim mini skirt. Her bust size was Double D which most people thought they weren't real.

They were but she failed to convince them. With a sigh escaping her lips her head jerked to her bedroom door as he mother opened it entering her room. "Sarah, there are new neighbors, why don't you come with us to greet them?" Sarah couldn't help but smile, she nodded and headed out with her mother closing the door behind her. Sarah was an only child and she loved her parents for that.

Walking next door her mother and father introduced themselves the the parents and introduced Sarah. Sarah smiled as she looked at the parents, she didn't have to ask anything for the girls parents already said to go in and meet their three girls. Sarah smiled once more and slowly walked inside, "hello?" she called out as she didn't see anyone. "I'm you're neighbor next door, I saw you were moving in and I thought I would come and introduce myself" she said her voice echoing through the still empty house. Sarah's hair was blond, as blond as could be.

Her hair was straight and just down to her waist is all it reached. Not wanting to go any further into the house she stayed near the doorway just looking up the big stairwell that was in-front of her and then looked around waiting for any sign of anyone.
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Dawn stared out the window of the back seat. Her ipod screaming in her ear as she tryed to ignor her parents and her little sister's. They were all laughing and singing to there favorite car ride songs. Her black and orange Tabby meowing from its cage in the back. "Are we almost there!" Her voice yelling over all the noise. "Not yet ten more minutes Dawn." Her father called over his shoulder.

Dawn sighed and undid her seat belt. Leaning over her seat to undo her cats cage. Pulling Spook out and putting her on her lap. The cat soon falling asleep and purring. "Eww Spook smells!!!" Her little sisters said at the same time. About to poke the cat. "Touch Spook and you'll lose your hand little brats!" Dawn hissed and scratched her cat behind the ear.

Ten minutes later they were there. Dawn was the first one out. Holding onto Spook as she walked up to the front door. Opening it and looking around. Slowly going up to her room and placing her cat on the bed. Walking away to start bringing in boxes. Watching as her two sisters started to chase after each other.
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