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Sarah is a bikini model, she models bikini's and pretty much anything. Now she is sent to a public school with already is going to be hard with everyone knowing she is a model.

--- Is interested in her but is also shy, he is always looking at her and his friends keep bugging him to talk to her yet he never gets the nerve to talk to her. Will he get the nerve to talk to her? Or will he chicken out?

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  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 260d 20h 12m 59s
Jack had English 101 and started walking there. His friends close be hind
  Jack Johnson / LeaderLTT / 9y 261d 4h 37m 8s
ooc-Alright then.


Looking to the side she saw Jack and his friends saying for Jack to talk to her. She smirked and then closed her locker and walked past them and down the English hall looking for the class English 101.
  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 261d 4h 50m 24s
Sorry typing on a phone)
  Jack Johnson / LeaderLTT / 9y 261d 5h 7m 36s
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  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 261d 6h 36m 26s
Jack didn't make eye contact with the model as she walked up to the locker next to him. His friends pulled him away from there.'hey Jack talk to her' Jack just shook his head
  Jack Johnson / LeaderLTT / 9y 261d 8h 18m 14s

People were already walking up to her asking for her autograph and for pictures with her. She didn't mind, she knew she wasn't getting a full break from being a model. Scribbling her name on a few things and pictures she then headed to the office.

"Oh miss Montez it's great to have you" greeted what seemed to be in her twenties girl.

Sarah surprised she even knew her, she took the papers from the girl and headed out. One paper had her schedule and one had her locker number and combination. Looking at the locker number she then stood in the halls over looking the lockers to find her number.

A smile came to her lips as she saw her locker, slowly and steady the girl walked over to her locker and put in the combination.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 262d 5h 19m 2s
Jack saw the model and smiled. She was pretty hot. He heard her heals from when she walked into the school. Jack had jet black hair. He wore a white t-shirt and wore blue jeans. He friends saw him. They walk over and talk to jack.
  Jack Johnson / LeaderLTT / 9y 262d 10h 53m 51s

The loudness of her heals touching the tile floor of the hallway, could be heard at the end of the hall. Most people were looking at her, I mean why wouldn't they. She was a model for sure and they probably didn't expect a model to be in their school. Well neither did she, her so called "agent" decided she needed to get away from all the modeling and live a normal teenage life. Doubt that would happen. A sigh escaped her lips as she continued to walk her bleach blond hair flowing as she walked. She had on a denim miniskirt, and a pink tank top.

She had the bust size of Double D's but it was very rare people got those unless they were implants with she insists they are. Even though Sarah is a model, she still has never been kissed, or been on an actual date, or any date for that matter. Her "agent" decided now was the time to start acting like a teenager. Which was going to be hard considering that she is going to be in a public school which everyone knows who she is and what she is.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 263d 3h 31m 55s
  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 263d 3h 55m 27s

  Jack Johnson / LeaderLTT / 9y 263d 13h 52m 5s
ooc-Alright, you want to start or shall I?
  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 263d 20h 9m 50s

  Jack Johnson / LeaderLTT / 9y 264d 2h 46m 41s
ooc-Sorry I've been doing stuff, um you can keep that picture or I can get a picture for you.
  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 265d 6h 22s
  Jack Johnson / LeaderLTT / 9y 265d 7h 19m 14s

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