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Sarah is a lesbian and she has never dated a girl before ever.

--- Is a lesbian too and they are both models. They both like each-other. What will happen in this model agency?

Join to find out!

I want literacy! Descriptive. All that!

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She looked at her and smiled. "Well I am very satisfied with your boldness my dear." She said as she stepped out of her car with her wallet in hand and her keys found in her other. She walked into the resturaunt. She already knew she was going to pig out. She did not care what the other girl thought either. She was not the type of model to not eat anything so she could stay skinny
  Sophia Evans / Kryptonickay / 9y 260d 4h 30m 31s

Even a more red came to her face as she looked at the girl who was laughing at her. "Actually I didn't notice anything...I I was just asking" she said looking at her then figured that she had been staring at her most the time. Which she couldn't blame her considering Sarah has been staring at her too. But she didn't make it too obvious she tried to keep it more a secret. Guess that secrets out now.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 263d 2h 48m 43s
Sophia busted out laughing as she took another left. "Is it that obvious?" She asked as she continued to drive, not much longer did she come to the turn for the resturaunt and pulled into a parking spot. She smiled as she shut the car off and unbuckled her seat belt.
  Sophia Evans / Kryptonickay / 9y 263d 2h 55m 3s

"A ah..." she said as she blushed slightly and looked at the girl. "Lesbian" a bright red blush came to her face right when she said the word she then looked down to her lap at her hands feeling stupid for even asking her that.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 263d 2h 58m 16s
She smiled as she threw the car in reverse and began driving backwards out of the parking spot "Come on, say it. You do not have to be shy." She said with a small on her face as she pulled out of the somewhat dark parking lot into the bright streets of town. She grabbed her shades from on her dash and slipped them on over her face. She took a let and pushed the gas petal down. giving them a bit of speed.
  Sophia Evans / Kryptonickay / 9y 263d 3h 3m 33s

"I ah..." she said stuttering right off the bat. "I was wondering if you were..." she stopped as she didn't really know how to ask so she just blushed and looked slightly to her right out the window, trying to think of how to ask it but couldn't think of anything hoping, the girl knew what she was going to ask so she didn't have to say it.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 263d 3h 11m 52s
Sophia looked over and pulled her seatbelt over herself gently. "Yah sure. Go ahead and ask it." She said as she nonchalantly checked out Selena's legs. They were amazing. She started her car and rolled down her window a bit. And pulled in reverse. Sophia never got nervous. Never had been in her whole life. She was open and straight forward.
  Sophia Evans / Kryptonickay / 9y 263d 3h 18m 19s

Selena followed Sophia just watching her as she smiled getting into the car with her. Closing the door as she got in she looked at the girl. "I ah, have a question for you... and it's personal and if you don't want to answer it you don't have to" she said thinking of asking the girl if she was a lesbian. What if she isn't and then I would have made a fool of myself she thought with a sigh as she buckled her seat belt waiting for the girls reply. Clearly you could see the girls nervousness.

  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 263d 3h 21m 29s
She smiled a nodded her head "Alright. Lets go." She said as she walked down the block and to the Model Agencies parking lot. It was just around the corner and her car was on the top floor so they had to take the elevator to get there. When they finally got there, they walked up to a black dodge charger and Sophia slid into the leather seats.
  Sophia Evans / Kryptonickay / 9y 263d 3h 26m 17s
*Sarah not Sophia*

Sarah smiled and laughed, "Oh we can take you're car as if you didn't notice I'm wearing three inch high heals and already my feet are killing me." she said looking at her. She wanted too to tell her that she was a lesbian but she thought it wasn't right to just ask someone that. And it would be impolite.
  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 265d 20h 46m 18s
Sophia left the building with Sarah on her heals. "Would you like to walk or take my car? Afterall we still have not decided on where we are going. And as pretty as these pumps are. They kill my feet." She siad with a laugh and looked at Sophia. She was thinking about telling her that she was Lesbian. But that would be way off topic. She decided if they were ever to talk about that, she would open up and say something.
  Sophia Evans / Kryptonickay / 9y 265d 21h 1m 26s
  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 265d 22h 50m 35s
*there lol, SOMEBODY POST*
  amyumino / 9y 265d 22h 51m 26s
*oh i am oh yea, i havent been on the RP in a long time* She was dressed in her usual blue jeans, black shirt, and brown boots. She looked around as she waited for Sarah and Sophia.
  amyumino / 9y 265d 22h 54m 2s
ooc-She is already a model and mine and you're girls are going out to eat.! re read the posts.
  Sarah Night (blonde) / premiepower94 / 9y 265d 22h 56m 44s

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