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During a lab study on how to clone humans, one of the scientists discovered a molecular compound that somehow functioned just as the human heart is able to. When other scientists discovered the chemicals that form this compound, they decided to drop the cloning study and dedicate thier time to building human-like artificial intelligence, also know as robots. Many dieing companies chose to be a part of manufactoring these robots, and the trend spread throughout the globe. Thanks to furhter study on how to improve robots, governments of different countries began to request robots desinged for military purposes in the event that another war starts up again.
Other robots were created to work for humans, or even just live among humankind. Because robots began to form personalities, the authority does keep an eye on them, but lets them be free to live as humans do. However, after there was one breakout rally of robots, the government tried to shut down the process of making robots that think on thier own. This led to the authorities ridding many cities and towns of the self-thinking robots in terms of safety. The problem was that even these self-thinking robots were put into certain military ranks depending on thier given specialties. Every robot has one depending on what they're designed to do. The point of these specialties was that the robots are to perform better than that of a human, so the thought of shutting down well combat-performanced robots in the military field was long debated among many countries.
As the debates went on, they began to spread across the news for even local civilians to learn about. This included some of the robots that managed to escape the authorities when they were being quarantined, and the military robots themselves. It was not long before one military robot had the idea of taking over the humans for the position of power, and one turned into many.
With the power of armies, the fugitive robots knew that human militias weren't going to be enough, no matter how hi-tech the weapons were, the Military bots were desinged to fight. In conclusion, they decided to form their own army in battle against the Military bots, for they had a better chance of saving the hmuman race from atrificial intelligence dictatorship.

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Username: KyoyaPleasant
Name: Bionic Grey
Specialty: Briliance and Flexiblity
Good or Bad: Good
Desinged Job: Bulter


Name: Cyvren
Specialty: Stealth and speed
Good or Bad:Bad
Branch of Military: Special Opts.
Desinged Job:

Username: Agent_Smith
Name: Enovorin
Speciality: brute force & weaponsmith
Good or Bad: Bad
Branch: USMC

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Cyvren exited the long black limo as the cameras flashed in his eyes from the slightly annoying press. It had been his first time out in the real world rather than being locked up, and he alreay knew that he seriously hated humans with a passion. The plan was, as his boss explained, was to be introduced into society as rich foreign traders in different countries. Cyvren himself happened to be one of these that went into the public with this attention. He smiled at the fact that it was so easy to rob banks from various places in order to get rich quick.
As the press began asking questions and snapping more pictures, Cyvren walked into the large building before him while his bodyguards took care of keeping the press away while he walked in. It is finally time to go and meet the Queen herself. He thought with a slight sinister laugh.
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Bionic Grey looked out the window of that following Sunday morning. It was a clear soft sky filled with nothing but air. Not even a single cloud in sight. Evergreen was sure going to be enjoying his flight back to New York this afternoon. He smiled to himself and began his daily morning duties. It was normal for the rich family to get up quite later in the day. It was a peaceful moment in which he could enjoy what he had. He sort of missed the updates in software he used to get so often but as the years went by, the cost of updates for his model got more expensive. He frowned at this but didn't ponder on it further. He was grateful to still be standing around.

Though the memories of government were still in his storage files, all the important data had been wiped and the one piece of his mind that gave him the uncanny ability to figure out complex problems was damaged. Thus why the government didn't see the need to wipe the rest of the memory bank. He was a good for nothing though at this point, he figured the Stainage's would strongly disagree.

"He can hold up a tea set and that's good with me," his Master had once said to a client.

Bionic looked through the kitchen and waving to the chef briefly, he started his preparations for morning tea and coffee. Nina had an odd theory of coffee and the feminine figure. He smiled at the thought of her lecturing him on women health and the proper teas to give her during her period cycle.

The large clock in the hallway rang nine o'clock with a load gong. He found himself in front of the mirror again and made sure his hair was in proper order for the Master and his lady. With one last brush of his suit, he walked out of the kitchen to stand at the foot of the stairs. As usual, Mr. Stainage came down in his gruffy manner with his wife nagging at him for something he did in the master bathroom. Surely, whatever, it was, Bionic would be cleaning after breakfast.

"Good morning my Master and Lady," Bionic greeted warmly when they reached the foot of the staircase, Mr. Stainage still tucking his shirt and adjusting his tie. He gruffly mumbled to Bionic a small hello and Mrs. Stainage completely ignored him. Yep, just like usual. He would have followed the couple if they did not have another guest in one of the extra rooms.

When the couple was contently placing themselves in the living room in front of the television, did Bionic move up the stairs to Mr. Evergreens bedroom. He knocked on the door lightly and he heard a muffle from the other side. He swiftly hurried to the hall closet and took out a towel and poured a glass of ginger ale from the small fridge snuggled tightly inside. He was soon in front of the guests bedroom with the glass and towel when the door opened and he tried a slight smile. "Good morning Mr. Evergreen."
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As Cyvren stood and watched, another sergant walked up to him and joined him in watching the others at work. "This is indeed one battle to remember general Cyvren, and I know you've been waiting to get your hands on some action since you haven't seen a fight in ages." He said and smirked.
Cyvren turned to him. "I know, and you're right about that general, it is not the smartest thing to do when you lock an intelligent weapon away without even seeing the light of day. I think, however, that this fight between the humans will be all woth it in the end and I shall have my revenge."
"Yes, but I wonder Cyvren, what of the self-thinking bots that are out roaming free at this very moment? Do you think the word has gotten out to them and they just might take the side of the humans?"
"If they are robots as we are, they'll remember who's side their on and either come to our aid, or just hide in the shadows. When we encounter these rebels, I assure you they will be nothing above an inconvinience to us." With that, Cyvren bowed to the other general and turned to walk away.
"You really are an outstanding leader Cyvren, I wonder why you out of all of us do not lead this rebellion."
Cyvren chuckled. "Maybe someday, but we will have to see. In other words, this battle should be against the humans, but not yet each other. Good day." He then walked away.
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Bionic Grey glanced at his reflection in the mirror to make sure his hair was in check. Stainage Manor's owners didn't really like the errie red glow that his eyes gave off. According to Mrs. Stainage it gave her nightmares. Mr. Stainage offered to sell him off but she said it was too expensive. So she told him to sheild his eyes with his hair. Grey wasn't the most creative AI ever build and wasn't the best at styling hair but tried his very best.

He grabbed the tea tray and walked it out to the couple in question. They had company this evening. A Mr. Evergreen from New York. He had heard a great deal of the man due to Mr. Stainage's rants. He put the tray down before them and poured Evergreen his tea.

"Thank you butler," he exclaimed with a smile. Grey nodded hsi head to the guest and moved away from the room to aquire to his other duties around the house. He walked down the halls passing maids and the gardener, all human... Grey only frowned at this slightly. AI weren't supposed to have emotions but lately he had been experiencing weird anomalies that he couldn't quite calculate. One of his many 'genetical' gifts, for lack of a better word, was to possess the mind of a super genius. Why he was here in this house acting as a butler then? The answer was because he was too damaged to do anyone any good.

Grey smiled as he came up to his favorite door in the manor. He knocked ten times with a tune for the last few knocks and after a moment of waiting, a giggling blond opened the door. "Bio!" she exclaimed and motioned him inside her bedroom. He smiled softley and followed her. "I'm ready for my bath," she told him as she pulled the door open to her bathroom. Grey closed the other door behind him and removed his jacket and gloves to roll up his sleeves.

"The usual scent, Nina?" Grey asked looking in a cabinet as she stepped into her bath.

"Of course what else?" she laughed and dunked her head into the warm water to bring up her hair soaked. Grey brought over the soap and began to wash her hair. "Geez Bio, in your next life you would be a good messagist," she smiled through the coming soap.

He liked that about her. He liked that fact that she didn't always see him as a machine with a human form. "And you would make a good comedian," Grey tried to joke back.

"Oh nonsense, trust me you would be good at it."

Grey smiled at her and continued her bath. That was one of those anomalies that kept coming up everytime he saw her. They were random peices of data that came popping up and that made him feel as if he was commited to making her happy. He loved to see her smile and loved to hear her laugh. He wanted to be the one that she always called for, the one to always protect her. If robots were ever able to feel then he would have assumed that he had lost his conscience, if he had one, to have fallen for his Master's daughter.

Oh the life and times of a Mr. Bionic Grey, AI version 7.8 with cerebral damage in his left side of his head.
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When word came of an over run against the humans for power, Cyvren was every bit of eager to begin the fight when it was needed. Cyvren's unit itself wasn't required for any type of mission because there was no war or threats he was assigned to tend to. Now that the invasion was beginning, they were going to need all of the units that occupied the military in order to succeed. Cyvren was mostly programmed to shoot and not be seen. However, some robots were given more than others. Since he was one of the leaders of his unit, Cyvren had aquired the moderate ability to fight, but speed was his given specialty. With the will to fight and the power required for it, Cyvren was a ticking time bomb ready for warfare.
As Cyvren walked down the halls of the robots' hidden base, he took into account how powerful in numbers they were. So many of us, and there might not be enough humans to go around. He thought with a tint of humour. At the moment, it was all planning that took place, and the rest had to wait for the fighting. He knew that the Marines were more than eager for action, and the Army watched the current movements of humans when it came to technology and weaponry, but he wasn't so sure of when it was the right time to attack. Cyvren gave himself the task of hall duty since there was nothing that needed his attention at the moment. This will be one battle to remember. He smiled and leaned on a nearby wall, watching the intelligence unit at work.
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The rp can be started now ^_^
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