A kiss of death

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In the 1961, A soviet Spy, Known as Zach or her codename " the predator" , Is sent to spy on a american soldier that has been treading the woods of USSR, Last seen in dremuchji, Northside .Zach has to carry out her job and help him do his job as a soldier so she can be trusted. How will this turn out?

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No cybering.... Please time skip

No Godmodding. (as in this case.. if we meet and i shoot you, You cant just jump out of the way like your magic.. sorry xD

o.o and this is a survival rp.. so no modern devices. besides guns. those are accepted

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  Sam Refdkov / Raven_Nightmare / 9y 89d 13h 59m 41s
  Zach Bernost / morninghell / 9y 89d 14h 1m 29s

  Sam Refdkov / Raven_Nightmare / 9y 89d 14h 3m 51s
((..but yeah.. it seems we need more people... We need a bad guy who hurts Zach... you know.. sadistic xD

Plus a few elite sniper peoples :3))
  Zach Bernost / morninghell / 9y 89d 14h 5m 4s
  Zach Bernost / morninghell / 9y 89d 14h 7m 10s

  Sam Refdkov / Raven_Nightmare / 9y 89d 14h 7m 57s
Zach slowly put her hands in the air and giggled "my name is" .. she couldnt say her real name or she would give herself away "my name is Lydia" she said, she put her hands down and walked around him, She took a liking to his style "so what is a american soldier doing in forbidden territory like this?.. hmm?" she asked, She slid down her shirt and unziped her jacket, Leaving only to show a wet white shirt with a slight view of her black bra. "you know if your spotted, you will suffer right?..... Here" she handed him a Radio "if you want to stay in contact with me, I have to go.. dont forget me" she said, she blew a kiss at him and winked, She then ran off into the woods, dissappearing.
  Zach Bernost / morninghell / 9y 89d 14h 11m 22s
Sam had been ordered to get as much Intel on the enemy as he could while also providing recon on the surrounding area. Rumor had it a Russian spy had been attempting to infiltrate his unit and he needed to find out just who this person was."damn it's col..." he began to say just as he heard the snap of a branch, quickly he swung around to see a fresh blanket of snow powder the air. M16 shouldered and aimed at his target he slowly approached"State your name and business here." he commanded. he was completely taken off guard to find it to be a female.
  Sam Refdkov / Raven_Nightmare / 9y 89d 15h 13m 47s
Zach sat on the tree she had been using to spy on the Soldier, It has only been a few weeks now and already she was amazed how this boy used his survival skills in a expert like way.Zach was a tough to be amazed woman, Ever since she was a teenager and a lover at the same time, She knew what it feels like to be in a fake relationship, She didnt mind much, She always had her way with the people she was spying on, She used her seductive charm alot, It was her strongest weapon.

Zach Zoomed in on him and smiled "wow, He really has a knack for this , do-" was all she could say before the branch broke and she fell down, making a big loud thud.
  Zach Bernost / morninghell / 9y 89d 15h 38m 22s

  Kodie X Lydia / Raven_Nightmare / 9y 89d 15h 40m 31s
  Zach Bernost / morninghell / 9y 89d 15h 48m 1s

  Kodie X Lydia / Raven_Nightmare / 9y 89d 15h 49m 5s
  Zach Bernost / morninghell / 9y 89d 16h 7m 8s

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