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There is a girl, she lost her family when she was young, she was adopted by a detective and brought up by strict rules. She was made into a junior detective at the age of 10 and was welcomed into the force at age 17. She is now 18 and one of their best detectives. She has solved many cases and caught several perpetrators. With the help of her partner, they are unstoppable.

She now lives on her own in an apartment, she goes to her computer one night to find that she has been signed to another case. This one is about a serial killer who has no patterns at all other then torturing his victims in brutal ways. He is now the companies top priority to get off the streets and she and her partner are assigned to take him down.

Weeks go by and nothing brings them any closer to finding the guy they are looking for. She sits down at her computer and finds a note attached to the screen, she takes it off and her eyes go wide, it's from him.

I hear you wish to play my game, I have been watching you for weeks, but you still have yet to figure me out. I like the ambition you bring to the table, to bad this is the end of your run.

Sincerely, your killer

She drops the note and grabs her gun as she hears a noise in her apartment. She looks around the house being as quiet as possible. Her heart picks up pace as she is trying to figure out where he could be, and then everything goes black.

She wakes up in a dark room, not able to remember anything for several minutes until she hears a noise and she goes to grab her gun and she comes up empty handed. She remembers what happened and curses. The lights suddenly come on and she is in a dirty room. At this point she realizes how sick this guy really is.

Meanwhile her partner reports her missing and after confirming it after going to her house and not finding her and her cell phone smashed, he is convinced that she has been harmed or worse. He starts setting up to try and collect any evidence to find out who this guy is and hopefully to save his partner.

Note: The person who is going to play the killer must be dark and mysterious and likes violence. If you cannot live up to this then I will kick you out.


Literacy is a MUST!

No text talk or I will kick you out.

Please do not drop this without tellin me, it really annoys me, I would rather you tell me why then confront you and come off bitchy.

You must have two to three paragraphs per post, two is the minimum.

Violence is a must!

Romance is allowed, but it will not be through the whole thing. If it happens to be the serial killer and the girl, then it will be a violent kind of love since he can't truly love in a nice way.

Post at least once a day.

Questions, concerns? Ask them in PM, and I will answer.

If you have read and understand all of this then please put "I love you!" In blue in a PM.

NOTE: I look at all of the lonely and new posts and if I see that you are stealing my ideas at all, then I will make that role play a living hell, which I wish not to result to. Most credit goes to Osiris since one of his role plays gave me the idea. If you have read this far then please PM me to join.


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