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She left him all alone..
She left him without a word..
She left him for some time..
She left him hoping he'd move on..

Mayla was your typical teenager she had her friends, her family. She went to school came home and that was that. Her life was pretty boring but there was always ____. He seemed to bring light and colour into her grey world when he was around. They were best friends. Sometime in high school they fell in love though they never said anything to each other and then. It happened. Mayla went missing. She wasn't heard or seen for 2 years until she showed up at school. She bumped into ____ and she looked no different from the day she left. What is she? Where was she? Can ____ forgive her? None of this would have been a problem if she hadn't of left him all alone.

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2 weeks later : Dominic stood looking out the windows of his mothers home wondering when she would be back when the radio poped on talking about the trial of his father and his accompils Dominic's young wife and hearing the trial allthe way through he couldn't help but cry as he heard that May had pled guilty in order to accept a plea bargin that may or may not get her out of a heavier sentance . sighing he realized that in confessing she had left him again and the poetry they haad studied together from Madre's books started running through his head She left him all alone.. She left him without a word.. She left him for some time.. She left him hoping he'd move on....
  Dominic / WinterRavenRz / 8y 239d 14h 4m 13s
"No. Mayla! What are You doing? Leave My wife alone!..." He shouted at them getting between them and her trieing to protect her not caring about where she was or what she had done. he had made a commitment to her and he wasn't about to break it. he knew whatever she had done she had most likely been forced into it and would not let anyone get between them ever again.... or so he thought as he turned to May with tears streaming down his face and obvious pain in his eyes not wanting to be seperated from her agan.
  Dominic / WinterRavenRose / 8y 280d 7h 56m 21s
Mayla sat there in the seat and watched as the car pulled up outside the house. "I was with him..." She looked sternly at the front door. Then it came, the moment she was waiting for. A few officers broke through the door and came through the archway, guns in their hands for protection. Mayla got to her feet slowly and didnt dare look at Dominic. Raising her hands, she said nothing, did nothing. Just stood there waiting.
  Mayla Eden / BlueEyedTears / 8y 280d 10h 24m 56s
he sat there startled by the sirens not understanding what was going on as he pleaded with her."W-wh- What do you mean? I don't want to be without you. I love you... May... May don't go..."
  Dominic / WinterRavenRose / 8y 280d 10h 37m 35s
Shaking her head, Mayla laughed without humour and looked up at him with a look as if he was insane. "Me? Leav- Are you crazy? I love you... Don't think like that..." Looking down again that frown came over her face once more. She folded her arms and froze when she heard the sirens of a police car in the distance. "Dom... I'm sorry. I know what I did was wrong and I didn't want to. Just trust me. Alright? I love you."
  Mayla Eden / BlueEyedTears / 8y 280d 10h 42m 11s
Seeing the seriousness in her eyes he sat beside her tenitivly alomst afraid of what she had to say as he sat listening to her talking to herself and wondering what this was all about.May the past dosen't matter. All i ever cared about were you and madre. May please don't say you want to leave me?" He pleaded with her thinking in the back of his mind that she must be coming up with some way to ask him for a divorce that he didn't want thinking there was no other reason for her to be acting this way.
  Dominic / WinterRavenRose / 8y 280d 10h 48m 48s
Looking up at him she listened and then moved to the chair by the window and sat down. She shook her head and with a sigh she asked him to sit down. She tried to swallow the lump that was in her throat, the thoughts of her parents and all the other things linked to Dominic's father flooding her mind, clouding her vision.
"You wont be able to find them. You don't need to. You already have." She kept her eyes fixed on the ground as she spoke. Her voice was shaking in fear. Fear of what he would do. Fear of his father. And fear that she would loose everything.
  Mayla Eden / BlueEyedTears / 8y 280d 10h 57m 18s
What do you mean May? You know you can tell me anything. Just don't let him ruin this for us. if there was someone else we can call the lawyer and he will track them down too just like they did my father. i love you May. He repeated over and over not knowing what else to say but knowing he needed to do something right now to comfert her in some way even though he knew he could never bring her parents back.
  Dominic / WinterRavenRose / 8y 280d 11h 7m 36s
Blinking a few times she closed her eyes tightly. She clung to him as if she were slipping away. Closing her eyes tightly she tried to force words out of her mouth but didnt want him to leave. She knew she had to tell him the truth somehow. Letting go of him she backed away slowly, chewing on her bottom lip before opening her mouth. She was trying to form some kind of sentence but nerves were getting the better of her. Opening her eyes she looked at the ground and shook her head, feeling the tears on her cheeks.
"He... He wasn't alone."
  Mayla Eden / BlueEyedTears / 8y 280d 11h 15m 55s
"Why? He was awful to you. Don't you want him to pay?" he asked still angry but unable to resist her just as he always had been he stopped and clung to her wanting to protect her with everything that was in his power as he held her close trieing to force the anger he felt twords his father down so that they could go on with their life that they were building together. "I just don't want to see you hurt anymore. I'm sorry I scared you May, your right. He isn't worth loosing you all over again."
  Dominic / WinterRavenRose / 8y 280d 11h 13m 47s
Staring at the radio she shook her head a little and then looked at the ground. She looked at her hands and then to Dominic, then watched him as he got to his feet. At first she moved out of his way but then grabbed onto his arm trying to pull him back, shaking her head and protesting. "No! You cant! You can not go down there!"

Tugging him back and yanking at his arm, tears of fear were running down her cheeks and she forced all her weight into her heels, trying to stop him. "STOP IT!"
  Mayla Eden / BlueEyedTears / 8y 280d 11h 29m 37s
"Are you sure? you seam upset?"He asked her as he quickly turned it back on as she asked and listened as the radio anouncer came back on to say his father was being ariagned today for the mass murder that took place right around the time may had gone missing. apparently she was the only one of his victims that somehow managed to escape and hearing this for the first time in such a way he fell to the floor sobbing then rose up again determined to march down to the courthouse and give his old man what for. "Why did you never tell me it was Him May? Don't you know i would have gone after him in an instant if i knew it was my father that killed your parents? May I Love you, i never want to see you hurt by that maniac ever again." He ranted not meaning to frighten her but just so upset that his father could do such a thing to her that he didn't know how else to express himself than by shouting thease horrible things that she no doubt wished she wouldn't say.
  Dominic / WinterRavenRose / 8y 280d 11h 40m 28s
Mayla was intensely staring out of the window even when her husband walked into the room. She knew something was going to happen, although she didn't know how, she just... knew. Closing her eyes for a moment as he spoke, she opened them again and shook her head.
"Dom I'm alright... There is nothing you can do. And if you even think about going down there I swear I will tie you to a chair."
As she spoke a smirk came over her lips, her gazing drifting in is direction. She knew he was worried about her. But there was nothing she could do to calm herself or this feeling.

Her smirk suddenly dropped as he turned on the radio. Then as he turned it off quickly she jumped to her feet and ran towards him. "No! Turn it back on!"
  Mayla Eden / BlueEyedTears / 8y 280d 11h 48m 56s
Dominic came in from his work in the garden and saw his lovely young wife sitting there by the front window and couldn't help but worry. if there were only some way he could help her. he told his father it didn't matter what she had done that he loved her anyway and he had meant it and still did but sometimes he wondered if she beleaved him as he went about his duties trieing his best to keep her happy and her mind off of his malicious old man. isn't there anything i can do for you sweetheart? just name it and i will do whatever you need me to. even if i have to go down to the county jail and shoot that bastard in the heart and spend the rest of my life in prison. please just tell me how to help...." He pleaded with her tired of seeing the constant worry on her face as he turned on the radio and a bullliten came on about his father at which he quickly went to switch it back off.
  Dominic / WinterRavenRose / 8y 280d 12h 56s
Looking to the lawyer as he does everything, Mayla's mind was constantly drifting back to Dominic's father. Closing her eyes for a second to calm herself she then looked at the lawyer and smiled politely. "Thank you..."

The next day Mayla was sitting in the front room, her hand playing with the ring on her finger. Tilting her head to the side she then looked out of the window. Her mind hadnt eased at all. By now she had dark circles under her eyes, her face was paler from the worry and her expression was a constant but slight frown.
  Mayla Eden / BlueEyedTears / 8y 280d 12h 8m 8s

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