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In a large, yet secluded and dark town, exists a society of vampires. They live to kill and feed on humans, yet practice control over their victims. So when a small group of rampant vampires begin to run loose, they set upon a young, 17 year old girl, wandering the streets alone. Drawn by her blood, they advance and first hurt her, to cripple her movement. Only moments away from death, the girl utters a silent prayer.

And another vampire hears it. More controlled than his other brothers, ____ saves her from her death and helps her to recover. While he does, however, they both realize they love one another ~ yet when _____ returns home, he discovers that the Council had ordered her to die, afraid she might tell anyone the secret of the vampires. And they tell ______ to do it.

What happens? Will _____ follow his orders to the letter? Or will he have a change of heart?

The future depends on you.


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"...hide?" she had managed to say, when his cool lips pressed against hers. She blushed furiously, as she returned his kiss, enthusiastically. His hard lips moved against hers as she pushed herself further toward him.
  ~|| Fia Amnell ||~ / Alexia / 9y 168d 19h 14m 11s
"I'm afraid all you can do is hide...and stay safe..." he said quietly. He had to leave in a few minutes, but he knew what he had to do first. He leaned in and softly presses his lips against hers, his ancient, pale cheeks gaining the slightest pink tinge.
  Tai Clearwater / Tai_Clearwater / 9y 168d 19h 19m 47s
"Oh..." she breathed. "I'm sorry. I should come with you." she said, stubbornly. "If I got you in trouble, I should be the one punished." she said, anxiously. "Is there anything I could do?" she asked pleadingly into his eyes.

As his lips touched her forehead, she closed her eyes, and restrained herself from throwing herself at him.
  ~|| Fia Amnell ||~ / Alexia / 9y 168d 19h 27m 52s
"I...I'm in trouble...for saving you....I'm sorry I really am I...I don't want to leave you..."

He kissed her forehead softly, closing his eyes to hold back the emotions that threatened to overwhelm him. His raven hair had lost its usual sheen, his skin suffering the same fate.
  Tai Clearwater / Tai_Clearwater / 9y 168d 19h 39m 34s
"Go? Go where? And why aren't you coming back?" she said, frantically. His embrace only gave her a small amount of solace. "What's happening? Hide? Or can't I go with you?" she pleaded. The thought of losing him was unbearable.
  ~|| Fia Amnell ||~ / Alexia / 9y 168d 19h 45m 4s
"I have to go...I dont know if I'm coming back..."

He sighed sadly and hugged the girl. He had known her for all of one night, yet he already felt a deep connection for her.

"I want you to hide somewhere...more vampires may come looking for you while I'm gone..."
  Tai Clearwater / Tai_Clearwater / 9y 169d 17h 48m 20s
She slowly stirred, as Tai woke her up. Confused,but willing, she sat up slowly on the comfortable, white sheets. Seeing a couple dark red streaks on the pearl white, she blushed slightly. "I think I bled on the sheets. I'm sorry." she apologized. But when she saw his pained face, she was worried. "Did something happen?"
  ~|| Fia Amnell ||~ / Alexia / 9y 169d 17h 59m 33s
He turned and gently shook Fia, glancing sadly at the clock hanging by the far wall. If he could cry, his eyes would be lined with tears. He knew what was awaiting him at the counil, and he was not looking forward to it.

"Wake up...."
  Tai Clearwater / Tai_Clearwater / 9y 169d 18h 10m 38s
"I understand you cannot love." she said, coldly, pulling away. "I must leave for the council. You must come in half an hour, or else they will send someone to bring you by force. That is my message."

She stepped backwards, with a hard glance, and disappeared into the dark.
  ~|| Fia Amnell ||~ / Alexia / 9y 169d 18h 16m 13s
"Because you are just like the council. We are not the only species on this planet Lina..."

He grabbed her wrist and held it up, his lips brushing against her ear.

"You will never understand..."
  Tai Clearwater / Tai_Clearwater / 9y 169d 19h 4m 5s
"Hate you?" she whispered back. "I want you, Tai. But you won't return my love. You're heartless." She ran her fingers down his neck, and to the front of his chest. She shivered. Be a human or vampire, Tai was appealing beyond comparison to any woman.
  ~|| Fia Amnell ||~ / Alexia / 9y 169d 19h 17m 48s
"I know, I will take her to the hospital tonight then leave..."

The sun was high in the sky by now, so he laid the girl back down on the bed and sighed, turning to look Lina, his face inches from hers. It was not in a menacingly way, but in a rather seductive one, Tai's preffered form of hunting.

"Why do you hate me Lina?"
  Tai Clearwater / Tai_Clearwater / 9y 169d 19h 23m 1s
Haha :] ~ Let's call her...Lina.


"Do what you wish, Tai. Don't worry, she won't be dead when you return..." she returned. She shifted, slightly to the side. "You should hurry. I believe the council can be quite...impatient."

She ran a hand through her hair, still staring at the girl with her dark, black eyes.
  ~|| Fia Amnell ||~ / Alexia / 9y 169d 19h 33m 47s
"Look, [insert vampires name here >.<], I am sorry but I just don't trust you about that..."

He turned around and gently picked up the girl, looking lovingly down at her for a moment before looking back up at the vampire.

"I will take her to the hospital. But I swear if something happens to her while I'm gone..."
  Tai Clearwater / Tai_Clearwater / 9y 169d 19h 41m 1s
"Yet you cannot take her with you." she said, shortly. "The Council requires you to join them immediately - not getting there in time may result in consequences."

"Or." she said, smiling dangerously. "You can leave her with me. I promise to keep her safe..."
  ~|| Fia Amnell ||~ / Alexia / 9y 169d 19h 49m 21s

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