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Jayden has been kicked out of heaven and now is forced to live amongst humans until he does something to repay his debt. While he is on Earth he has to save a soul of an innocent human. But as he is doing his mission he ends up falling in love with the human. He has to choose between love and returning to heaven. Which one will he choose?

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Jayden thought about telling her the whole story of what happened to him but he decided against it. He thought that if he told her she wouldn't believe him. "I-I better not..." He told her as he looked at her. She was very nice to him but he didn't know if he could trust her enough not to freak out over his true nature.
  Jayden / icheo / 10y 36d 2h 13m 58s
Kiara chuckled at him, brushing some hair behind her ear.
"Would you mind telling me what the nightmare was about? It may help." She asked him comfortingly with encouragement.
  Kiara / Megumi / 10y 38d 1h 7m 55s
jayden smiled at Kiara. It was nice to have someone to comfort him. "I feel like I've seen a ghost." He replied. He was starting to calm down now. He kept reminding himself that it was just a dream.
  Jayden / icheo / 10y 39d 2h 45m 4s
Kiara gave him a weak smile and laughed lightly.
"You look like you've seen a ghost." She mumbled, sitting down next to him as he relaxed. "It was just a nightmare."
  Kiara / Megumi / 10y 39d 3h 3m 17s
Jayden woke up gasping for air. "Wh-what's going on?" He asked as he struggled to breathe. It took him a moment to realize where he was. He looked up at Kiara and saw the concern in his eyes. "I-I'm awake now." He stuttered. His body was burning. He felt the sweat on his back. It was just a nightmare. He thought to himself as he looked around the room.
  Jayden / icheo / 10y 39d 3h 12m 20s
Kiara heard some screaming coming from the opposite room and it caused her to stir. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. She got up and walked out into the living room, seeing Jayden tossing and turning, talking loudly in his sleep about how he's trying. She quickly woke him up, with a concerned look on her face.
"Jayden, Jayden! Wake up!"
  Kiara / Megumi / 10y 39d 3h 36m 47s
Jayden laid there on the couch alone with his thoughts. He eventually fell into a deep sleep. He dreamt that he was back in heaven. He didn't understand how he got there. He had his wings back and his girlfriend was standing by his side. Then everything went dark and he was alone. He was trapped in a chamber and his girlfriend was outside of the chamber. "Fix what you've done Jayden." She whispered to him. "Wh-what? But I'm trying." He replied. Her eyes got fiery red. "Not hard enough!" She shouted. This wasn't like her. She never yelled. "You are too busy fooling around with this girl!" Jayden didn't understand what was going on. "I-I am trying!" He yelled back. His whole body felt like it was on fire.
  Jayden / icheo / 10y 39d 3h 42m 58s
Kiara smiled as she left him to sleep, going into her room and closing the door behind her. She let out a small sigh as she changed out of her clothes and into something more comfortable. She slid into her bed and soon fell asleep.
  Kiara / Megumi / 10y 39d 3h 47m 31s
Jayden was glade to be able to finally get some sleep. "You are very kind." He said as he walked over to the couch. He was very tired and homesick. He felt very comfortable with Kiara though. It wasn't home, but it was the closest thing he could get to it for now.
  Jayden / icheo / 10y 39d 4h 30s
Kiara nodded understandingly.
"It's okay, you just surprised me." She laughed lightly before walking into her room and grabbing a pillow and blanket, putting it on the couch for him. "I guess I'll leave you to go to sleep now." She mumbled with a smile.
  Kiara / Megumi / 10y 39d 4h 4m 14s
Jayden let go of her as he felt his face growing hot. He looked down at his feet. "Umm...sorry. I didn't mean to surprise you. It was just a spur of the moment kind of thing." He murmured. He had a tendency to do things without thinking.
  Jayden / icheo / 10y 39d 4h 8m 19s
Kiara went to say something but stopped dead in her tracks when he hugged her tightly. She bit her lower lip unsurely, afraid of what to do. She didn't know if she should hug him back or be offended.
"U-Uh.." She mumbled softly, her eyes softening.
  Kiara / Megumi / 10y 39d 4h 18m 7s
Jayden watched Kiara closely. He felt like he was imposing on her. He was even more desperate now to find a way to repay her. She definitely looked like she needed help. He was a smart guy so he would eventually find a way to repay her. "Thank you Kiara. I am forever in your debt." He said as he hugged her unaware of what he was doing. He felt very bad for her.
  Jayden / icheo / 10y 39d 4h 22m 55s
Kiara bit her lip.
"I've been meaning to go food shopping anyway." She mumbled, closing her refridgerator. She knew he was trying to be polite and not eat anything and she felt bad, she wish she had more money to spend.
"I promise I'll make you something tomorrow." She said with a nodd. She often found herself wondering why she was given the hand of poverty, she didn't do anything to deserve to be there, she hadn't ever done anything to be ashamed of... That must be how everyone else that lived in poverty must feel. It was heart wrenching to think that she was alone in the world, with no one to lean on when she needed help. For the past few years though, she was able to stay strong.
  Kiara / Megumi / 10y 39d 4h 30m 32s
Jayden was starving but he didn't want to be a burden to Kiara. "No, I'm fine. I'm not really hungry." He replied smiling at her. He felt sympathetic towards her. He didn't want to take what she didn't have much of to give. He figured he could last awhile until he really needed something. "thank you for offering though." He said smiling to show her that he really was grateful.
  Jayden / icheo / 10y 39d 4h 45m 52s

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