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Lakewood Music Academy is for people who want to learn about their talents and do something with them. It's for people to have a chance to show their talent. What's you're talent?

Rules for school


Dorms - There can be co-ed if you're parents sign for it. When arriving and signing in at the front desk you will be asked if you want co-ed or not. That's when you give the paper...if you have it. The dorms are also on campus!


Curfew - Curfew is 11:00 on weekdays. 12:00 midnight on weekends.


Rules for my rp

literacy - I will expect at least a two paragraph into if not more. And at least one paragraph per post.


Cursing - Cursing will not be tolerated, in or out of character


God modding - No one at all controls any characters at all!


Real or amine pictures? - REAL


ooc bic - USE OOC AND BIC!


Romance - Yes!



  • Name
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Sexuality
  • Years spent here
  • Talent
  • Crush
  • Dorm #
  • Other

People who joined:

  • Name:Ashley
  • Age:16
  • Sex:Female
  • Sexuality:Bi
  • Years spent here:2
  • Talent:Sings and plays trumphet
  • Crush:Just Ask ^^
  • Dorm #:A1
  • Name: Mii
  • Age: 18
  • Sex: Female
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Years spent here: 3, on her fourth year
  • Talent: Sings and Plays The Piano
  • Crush: I'll let you know when we decide to start, if that's ok with you.'
  • Dorm #: A1
  • Name-Sarah Night
  • Age-16
  • Sex-Female
  • Sexuality-Straight
  • Years spent here-New
  • Talent-Piano and singer
  • Crush-Will decide when everyone joins
  • Dorm #A1(girls)
  • Other-none
  • Name Kevin Dugger
  • Age 19
  • Sex Male
  • Sexuality Bi
  • Years spent here Two
  • Talent Guitar and singing
  • Crush
  • Dorm # A2
  • Name Brextan Delany
  • Age Seventeen
  • Sex Male
  • Sexuality Bisexual
  • Years spent here Three
  • Talent Violin and piano; plays guitar as a hobby.
  • Crush No-one just yet.
  • Dorm #Boys' Dormitory A1.
  • Name:Emma
  • Age17
  • Sex:female
  • Sexuality:straight
  • Years spent here-2nd year
  • Talent:singing,guitar,
  • Crush:none yet
  • Dorm #A2

Dorms Will add more rooms if needed


  • A1-Ashley,Sarah
  • A2-Emma,
  • A3-


  • A1-
  • A2-
  • A3-


  • A1-Mii,Kevin,
  • A2-Karrah,Brextan Delany
  • A3-



Front Gates

Front of School

front office



Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Sure we can do that I'm just bored no one I rp with is online.
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 9y 266d 6h 3m 27s
lol we can do something les...or...
  Karrah Mason / MuseOfMusicalMagic / 9y 266d 6h 5m 6s
oo-lol kk
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 9y 266d 6h 5m 38s
ooc- I kinda wanna be a girl
  Karrah Mason / MuseOfMusicalMagic / 9y 266d 6h 6m 35s
ooc-you're the only one. Hey I have an rp I was wondering you wanna do this rp with me?

---- is the new school principle and he likes Sarah a whole lot. Will he keep it from her? Or will he try and make a move on her?
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 9y 266d 6h 7m 51s
  Karrah Mason / MuseOfMusicalMagic / 9y 266d 6h 10m 50s
ooc-Is anyone online?
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 9y 266d 6h 12m 35s
  Karrah Mason / MuseOfMusicalMagic / 9y 267d 4h 42m 55s
ooc-Lol okay I'll post now.
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 9y 267d 7h 59m 22s
ooc- so bored
  Karrah Mason / MuseOfMusicalMagic / 9y 267d 8h 34m 12s
ooc-lol kk
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 9y 267d 8h 37m 57s
  Karrah Mason / MuseOfMusicalMagic / 9y 267d 21h 32m 9s
ooc-One thing tho, which room is she in? Is she with Brextan? If so I'll change you both to the co-ed dorms.
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 9y 268d 57m 13s
Karrah had a single bag over her shoulder as she approached the campus of Lakewood. That single bag was now digging a grove into her arm so she set it down to look for the office on the vast campus.

Karrah had nothing but what was left in that bag... She had sold all her posessions, her car, her apartment... Just to have enough money to attend Lakewood... Singing was her dream, and nothing was going to stand in her way.

She found the small dot of the office on her map and picked up the bag, hedding now in the right direction. She got there and recieved her key and schedual. She said thank you and went towards the dorms.

Karrah walked in and instantly knew her new roomate was a boy... His half was so messy... But to each his own. She unpacked her megar clothing in the closet and put her blankets and pillows on the bed... All in a dark green color. She put up a picture of her and her mom and went outside to explore.
  Karrah Mason / MuseOfMusicalMagic / 9y 268d 8h 12m 39s
ooc-Yes that's way better.
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 9y 268d 8h 33m 35s

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