Nausicaa-Of The Valley Of The Wind

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The story takes place 1,000 years after the "Seven Days of Fire", an event which destroyed human civilization and most of the Earth's original ecosystem. Scattered human settlements survive, isolated from one another by the Toxic jungle, a forest of giant plants and fungi swarming with giant insects, which seem to come together only to wage war. Everything in the Toxic Jungle including the air is lethally toxic.


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Nausicaa woke up with a smile on her face, she had already got into her clothees and went to get her glider, she smiled heading to a cliff and jumped straight off it, she jumped on her glider and put her mast on, she was excited about otday cause she was going to toxic jungle,and she knew there would be new sheels for her, and new plants for her to take seeds from, for her secret room.

She came close to the toxic jungle and landed in where an sheel of a big creature would be, she smiled and ran in,she spotted the sheel and took a peice off it, she then saw the spors coming out of the planets in the toxic jungle, she layed back looking at them keeping her mask on at all time, 'its think these spors could kill me' she said to herself laying there.

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