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Hi my name is Ayame Gin Fujita it mean iris Silver Field and japanese, i am from japan and this is the fir RP site i have ever been to. i love fantasy and making new friends. I am almost always on me lab top when Im not at school or some where out side. I love the out doors i love animals of all kind and i dont discriminate. if you wanna be my friend Then you welcome too just know that i get mad easily so sorry if i snap at you....

this is my chat where i have links to my RPs and a list of my friends...
also i will also put links to stories that i write so people can tell me what they think...

My ES Family:

Keita Takato / VYxD

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Roleplay Responses

yay -grins0
  Keita Takato / VYxD / 10y 49d 14h 41m 7s
YAY cool hi your my first friend on here ^.^
  Ayame Gin Fujita / theBlackSpiderQueen / 10y 49d 14h 48m 5s
i wanna be friends ><
  Keita Takato / VYxD / 10y 49d 14h 58m 33s
Now i wait for friends ^.^
  Ayame Gin Fujita / theBlackSpiderQueen / 10y 49d 16h 29m 53s

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